Why You Need To Stop Rushing To Say ‘I Love You’

We used to reserve the saying “I love you” for a special, intense feeling between romantic partners, but nowadays, the important saying has lost its meaning because we rush to say it right away. This is very much unlike in the 1960s, when saying “I love you” to that special someone was a big deal.

Men used to take their “special someones” out on romantic dates to tell their partners that they love them.

Nowadays, however, people don’t think about tradition.

Now, when a girl gets a text from her boyfriend saying “I love you,” she’s over the moon.

In my opinion, people are rushing to say, “I love you.”

They may also think that they automatically have to say “I love you” simply because they’re in relationships. People hurry to say “I love you” because they want to please their partners.

With that said, you absolutely don’t have to tell your partner that you love them, especially if you feel it’s not the right time yet. If you feel as if you don’t know the person well enough to truly love them, wait until you’ve built a foundation with them before you’ve said the “L word.” If you don’t tell your partner that you love them at all, then that’s fine, too, but in society nowadays, you seem to feel pressured to say “I love you.”

The truth of the matter is that time is the key to building a strong connection with your partner. Getting to the know your “person” and finding the qualities you love about them is important because that’s what makes the saying, “I love you” even more special.

I know that it may be hard to wait to say that you love your partner because you’re anxious to tell them that you love them. I promise, though, that the wait will be worth it.

Your decision not to say “I love you” right away will ultimately be more meaningful in the long run.

You’re not doing anything wrong by waiting to tell your special someone you love them, despite what society thinks about you and your choice. As long as you know you’re doing the right thing, you should wait to “love-bomb” your partner.

Loving someone takes time and baby steps, so you should take love day by day. Love grows from a seed into a beautiful sunflower, but you must wait to pick it from the garden.

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