Maybe I’m Wrong But All I Want Is That Vintage Kind Of Love

Sometimes I wish I had been born in much simpler times. I wish I had been born when dating was simpler, when life was simpler.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with how we live today. Everything has its bad and its good sides but somehow I think that the bad has started to prevail.

We are a generation that is raised on phones and social media but I for one like to imagine what would have happened if I didn’t have any of those things.

Would life be simpler? Would dating be simpler?

Maybe it’s easier now because you have everything you can imagine. Everything is available. But maybe that’s the reason we don’t appreciate it.

Because it’s too available. Just look at Tinder, look at Snapchat. You’re only one click away from a date.

Back in the day, people didn’t have that kind of luxury. You had to go out, you had to talk to people to get to know them.

And you know what? Maybe it’s a process that lasts and was worth it.

And I want that. I want that vintage kind of love.

I want the love which is gentle and innocent. The one which goes through my veins and makes me shiver.

I want the love that never stops. Even if one of us dies, I want the love that keeps living.

I want the love that I will remember. The love that makes my heart skip a beat every single time I see him, even after being together for twenty years.

I want the love that comes to my front door. I want a man who’ll come to my door and pick me up like the lady that I am.

I don’t want him to text me that he is waiting for me. I don’t want him to beep from his car.

I want him to be respectful and treat me the way I deserve. To treat me like a woman and not a foolish girl.

I want the love that cooks me a homemade meal. Men are great chefs when they want to be. Where did that disappear to? Why is it embarrassing for a man to cook all of a sudden?

Even if he is not the best chef in the world, the effort is what matters. I want to see him go the extra mile for me. I want him to surprise me by being as simple as possible—ergo, a homemade meal.

I want the love that is simple. I don’t need expensive gifts or grand gestures. I don’t need to be spoiled. I just need to be loved, honestly and forever.

I want to have someone by my side until the end and I don’t need anything else.

I want the love that makes me remember every day why I love him. The kind of love that is worth waiting for. The love that never fades, not even with time nor distance.

I want the kind of love that shines the brightest in its darkest days.

I want the love that courts me. I want a man who would rather look me in the eyes than stare at his phone screen.

I want someone who’ll sweep me off my feet rather than count how many likes he got on his photo.

I want him to be proud of me, to hold me by the hand when we walk down the street. Someone who’ll kiss me without turning his head to see if there is someone out there who might see him with a girl.

I want the love that will write me a love letter. Maybe it’s cheesy but I don’t care. I want someone to go to the trouble of trying to put together what he feels about me.

I don’t want him to type it out or email it to me. I want him to write in handwriting.

I want him to put his heart and soul into it. I want an old-fashioned kind of love.

I want the love that never fades. I want the love that never grows apart. I want the love that won’t be horrified with my wrinkles when I get old.

I want the love that will see me always with the same pair of eyes in love. Like from the first day we met.

I want a love that is real. A love that is authentic. A love that lasts.

I’m sick and tired of fast and modern dating. I’m sick of one-night stands.

I want that vintage love that doesn’t need any material shit to be beautiful and everlasting.

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