Just Because You’re In Love, It Doesn’t Mean He’s The Right One

Ever since you were a little girl, you dreamt of finding true love.

Nevertheless, you didn’t want an ordinary kind of love.

You wanted an all-consuming, timeless love that lasts a lifetime.

A kind of love that has the power to defeat every obstacle and face every challenge.

The type of love you saw in the movies and read about in fairytales.

You wanted your Prince Charming – someone who will rock your world and never fail to remind you what butterflies feel like.

And you weren’t ready to settle for less.

You wanted fireworks and passion, not a dull life with someone you barely stand but is good for you on paper.

You refused to allow your mind to lead you in these matters of the heart and you never doubted your ways.

Now, after all of this time, you finally feel everything you were dreaming about.

You’ve finally found a man who rocks your world and has awakened every possible emotion inside of you.

At last you’ve met a man who makes you tremble every time you see him – one who moves the floor beneath you every time he looks at you and you’re convinced you’ll love for the rest of your life.

There’s no doubt – you’re head over heels for this guy.

He makes you feel more alive than ever and you don’t want this sensation to ever stop.

However, you’re not a little girl anymore and real life is nothing like a fairytale.

Yes, not wanting to accept anything less than true love and looking for romance is amazing, but the harsh truth is that, sometimes, love is simply not enough, as much as we’d like it to be.

Just because you’re in love with a man, it doesn’t make him the right one for you.

It doesn’t necessarily make him your soulmate or forever person.

That isn’t to say that the two of you will automatically have a happy life together just because you share strong chemistry and intense emotions, nor does it mean that he’s someone you could grow old next to or that you would get along with.

I hate to break your bubble, but there are some more important things to look for when you plan a future with someone.

There are many more qualities your right guy should have besides being lovable.

What you need to do is take your rose tinted sunglasses off and start seeing this man for who he really is.

Is he your best friend besides your lover? Is he reliable and trustworthy?

Realistically, is he a man who deserves you and can give you everything you need?

The type of man you would like your daughter or sister to marry?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you to look for perfection because something like that doesn’t exist and, let’s face it, you also have your share of flaws.

That said, your feelings can’t be the only criteria when it comes to choosing your forever person.

No, you shouldn’t settle for a loveless relationship either just because you think someone is a good catch or he’d suit you well.

To be honest, a man can be the greatest guy in the world, but if you don’t love him, you’ll never be happy beside him.

However, if a man doesn’t respect you as a woman and as his partner, doesn’t appreciate your sacrifices, doesn’t make you feel safe, doesn’t treat you as his equal and, most importantly, if you two aren’t compatible and can’t seem to reach a compromise regarding important life issues, all of your emotions mean nothing because they won’t be able to defeat your differences. 

Basically, love is crucial – nobody can argue with that – but it can’t make up for everything else. 

Therefore, if you love a man but don’t have all of the above, I hate to disappoint you, but it’s time to give up on him.

I know it’s not easy to go against your heart, but trust me, it’s better to do it in time before it becomes too late.

Even though it doesn’t seem that way at this moment, I assure you that you will manage to overcome these emotions you’re having right now.

Not only that, sometime in the future, you’ll be grateful to yourself for making the right choice, if you come to the conclusion that this is not the guy for you.

And once you find a man with whom you experience both love and compatibility, you’ll be proud of the fact that you were strong enough to defeat yourself, despite it being one of the hardest things you ever had to do.

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