I’m Finally Okay With Losing You

You know how sometimes you can’t explain why you feel a certain way about someone and sometimes you end up wondering why things ended up the way they did?

Sometimes we complain about the injustice God did to us, only to find out that it wasn’t injustice.

It was God giving us exactly what we needed. The problem is that we aren’t able to see it because we are blinded by the pain of not getting what we wanted.

This happened to me too. For a long time, I was blinded by the rage of having to lose you that I missed the point of having had you in my life.

I just couldn’t accept the fact that I met you, connected with you even when we were only strangers to each other and got attached, just to lose you after all that.

I wanted to keep you, to plan my future with you, and I actually wanted you to stay.

But you were never sent my way to stay, you only entered my life to teach me a lesson and, once your job was done, to then leave.

There was a reason God moved my heart toward you and there was a reason why I got attached more to you than I did with any other person in my life.

When I look back, I see you played a major role in my life, but you had to be in it only temporarily so you could fulfil your duty of showing me a different way of life and then set me free.

The funny thing is, you came into my life at the right moment. You were exactly what I needed at that time.

You helped me get so many answers and you brought out the best in me.

You helped me break through my darkness and for that I’ll be eternally grateful, the same as I’ll be grateful to God for sending you my way.

I made a mistake when I tried to turn you into my forever person, when that was never your role. You were not meant to stay forever because you were my temporary person.

You were sent my way so you could make me a better person for those who are meant to stay forever and then you had to move on to someone else.

The problem is, I became frustrated when you left because I was unable to let you go.

I couldn’t understand why God would take away something so beautiful, someone who helped me heal.

But then I was reminded about what you taught me and I started seeing things that happened to me from a different perspective.

Then it all made sense. Perhaps if you’d stayed longer than you were supposed to, your beauty would have faded away, your love would have died and maybe you wouldn’t be able to be as inspiring as you used to be.

Perhaps what we had would have turned into a burden.

I found faith in the consolation that our story is better left the way it is. Perhaps if I had managed to change it, I wouldn’t be able to have a happy ending.

You were an angel who was sent to teach me a lesson, help me heal and then fly away.

You taught me how to let go, how to detach and to realize that your part in my story is over.

Thanks to you, I found faith that the next person God brings me closer to is exactly who I need in my life.

I’m finally okay with losing you because now I know I’m ready for the day when I meet a person who was actually meant to stay forever.

I know I’m capable of recognizing this person from a mile away because, thanks to you, I’m finally able to understand the difference between someone who touches my hand and someone who touches my soul.

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