You Never Get Over Losing A Loved One, You Just Get Through It

I’m sure you’ve heard people saying that time heals all wounds, no matter how deep and severe they might be.

People saying that no matter the trauma you’ve been through, one day, time knocks on your door, magically heals you and makes everything better.

You just have to be patient and have enough faith because sooner or later, you always recover.

Your soul always finds a way to fix itself, and eventually, you get over whatever pain you’re dealing with.

Whatever darkness you got yourself into, there will always come light, even when you least expect it.

However deep the despair you’ve fallen into, there will always come a straw you can hold on to save you.

At least, that is what all of us want and need to believe in.

These are the thoughts that give us hope for a better tomorrow and often the only thing that keeps us alive and going.

The thoughts that force us to keep going, even when we think there is no way out. The thoughts that give us hope that we won’t forever feel the way we do now.

Well, I have to break your bubble and tell you the awful, harsh and bitter truth: things don’t always go this way.

Whether you like to hear it or not, the fact is that there are some things you never manage to fully overcome and some people you never manage to get over.

There are some things you just accept and learn to live with, simply because you have no other choice.

There are events you never forget but only get through.

There are types of pain that leave permanent marks on your heart and soul. Yes, your wounds partially heal but invisible and inerasable scars remain forever.

This especially goes for the people you lose forever. The people which heaven took away from you and the people you know will never come back.

Let me reveal a dark secret to you: when something like this happens, a part of you never stops mourning and grieving your loss.

A part of you always remains hurt and damaged, no matter how much you think you’ve healed.

Yes, things do get easier after a while. The tears dry on your face, and you start smiling about little things again.

After some time, you start to breathe without having to remind yourself to do so. You start to look forward to the new days which will come.

After some time, you become aware of the fact that you won’t literally and physically die from the pain.

Nevertheless, you also realize that it certainly has the power to spiritually kill you.

You come to the realization that you’ll never forget and that you’ll keep on going through life without ever managing to fully get rid of the pain.

You realize that you’ll never live as if nothing has happened and that you’ll just continue surviving.

You see, when you lose a loved one, you also lose a part of yourself together with them.

You lose the person you were while they were by your side, and you lose your unscarred heart.

When you really love someone, you can never stop loving them, despite the time you spend apart and despite everything they might do to you.

The same goes with loss: when you lose someone you really loved, you never stop thinking about them, and you never stop missing them.

Every loss changes the essence of who you are. It turns you into a completely different person, and sometimes, it even kills your sparkle for good.

It makes you see that life isn’t always fair; that it isn’t all fun and games.

It makes you accept the fact that sometimes, destiny knocks you down, despite it being the last thing you deserved.

It makes you realize that you can’t always make a difference and that there are some things in life you have no other choice but to accept and deal with the best way you can.

Yes, all of it makes you stronger and helps you toughen up.

It helps you learn some valuable life lessons, and it makes you wiser and more mature.

But at what cost?

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