God Sees All Your Imperfections, Yet He Loves You Perfectly

Having somebody in your life who can see beyond your flaws and love you beyond all measure is something every human being aspires to attain.

Being loved for who you are as opposed to who this other person wants you to be is the ultimate dream, but unfortunately, one that seldom happens.

People aren’t as pure as they convince themselves they are.

People don’t always love you the way they promised they would.

That is a disappointment many people face at some point or another.

And there are moments where it can be excruciatingly hard to accept.

Everyone wants that “perfect” specimen of a human being and once they see any imperfections (which are signs that you’re only human), they look for a way out.

It can be heartbreaking and soul-crushing, but here’s why you shouldn’t despair.

If your man can’t love all of you (flaws and all), don’t worry about it.

Firstly, he doesn’t deserve an opportunity to be close to you anyway and, secondly, there is somebody who loves you exactly the way you are.

The only one who sees all of your flaws and loves you profoundly as if you were the best thing on earth – God.

 And isn’t that comforting? When you’re surrounded by a sea of shitty men, how soothing is it to know that there is someone who is always there for you?

Someone who will always root for you and give you that push whenever you need it.

You can’t see it and you certainly can’t hear it, but it’s there.

You can notice signs of His existence during your harshest moments.

You know those days when you feel at your lowest and you lose faith in all humanity?

Those moments when people bring you down and all you can see in the mirror are your flaws?

 Just know that God sees you, hears you, and has your back.

To Him – you’re perfect in all of your imperfect existence!

He doesn’t care about those flaws you can’t stop worrying about because they are only a tiny part of your beautiful being!

He doesn’t think you’re being too clingy or overbearing.

He knows your capacity to love is simply overwhelmingly profound, and He wants you to know that it’s okay!

He doesn’t mind your occasional irrational fear of being unloved because that’s what every human goes through every now and again.

And with God, you never have to worry if you’re good enough.

To Him, that is not even a question. We are all His creations and he made us all individually the way He saw fit.

Who is anyone to judge you for being what God made you to be?

How do any of your toxic exes have the right to deem you unworthy when you are exactly what He wanted you to be?

This is where you win. Those who only see your flaws are superficial beings who are still not mature enough to comprehend that people are meant to be flawed.

How else are you going to learn to become the ultimate version of yourself?

 How else are you meant to experience all the things in this world that, through pain, will teach you how to move forward in the best way for your well-being?

 God wants you to explore all sides of you. He made you the way you are because that is exactly how you’re supposed to walk this earth.

That is how you are supposed to make friends and find those people who’ll love you through thick and thin.

If you were perfect, people would only love you because of that unique quality, and what’s the point in that?

We all make mistakes and hurt people along the way. That’s just life.

But once you learn that your shortcomings and imperfections aren’t to be feared but rather proud of, that’s when you get closer to figuring it all out.

God knows what He’s doing, no matter how tricky and confusing things may appear at times.

 Leave all those people who point out your flaws and blame you for merely being human.

They’re the ones who are losing in life. Only those who find a way to make it work regardless of not being perfect are going to live a life worth living.

It’s not about being flawless. It’s about owning your imperfections and never letting them trump all those divine qualities you possess.

You are never going to be perfect, but when you realize that the only thing that matters is learning to love yourself regardless, you’ll understand why God made you the way you are.

When all those people try to bring you down, maintain your faith that He has a plan.

Repeat to yourself that nobody is perfect and you sure as hell are never going to try to be.

All you can do is be the best version of yourself and let Him see that you finally understand that a flaw here or there doesn’t define you.

What does define you is your ability to walk this earth like a proudly imperfect yet badass woman who loves the shit out of herself, knowing she’s got the only support she will ever really need – God’s!

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