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4 Zodiacs Receiving A Sign They’ve Been Patiently Waiting For In May 2024


You’ve been waiting for a sign that something is feasible, Taurus. The stable, sturdy part of you couldn’t rush into something so big without crunching the numbers first. But now that you’ve done your research and shopped around and sat with a finished budget before you, you’ll see it’s clear as day that you can afford to take this next step. This longstanding wish will suddenly become an actual possibility before your very eyes. So the question will be: when do you start? When do you send that grad school application, when do you book that trip, when do you start the guitar lessons, when do you call that realtor, when do you pay off that credit card? This sign is meant to show you that the only thing standing between you and this goal is no longer logistics, it’s you.


You’ve been putting something off, Leo, waiting for things to reach a max and justifying your procrastination on this lack of a sign. This month, you lose that excuse. The situation will pass the point of no return, and it will be time for you to put your money where your mouth is. Finally do that pile of laundry because you don’t have anything clean left to wear. To get rid of your favorite t-shirt that’s full of holes. To go to the doctor and the dentist and get a haircut. Whatever your sign is this month, it will make things glaringly clear. You’ve been neglectful. You’ve been prioritizing something over your basic responsibilities and self-care. Perhaps what you thought were short-term sacrifices have become the norm, but you can’t sustain this lifestyle.


You receive the best kind of sign this month, Sagittarius. Once you’ve been too afraid to admit what you’ve been hoping for. You will receive a sign that you’ve been right about something all along. Something that seems so crazy and impossible you’re embarrassed to talk about it. Something that, despite all signs to the contrary, you feel in your bones to be true. Someone you’re meant to be with, something you’re meant to do, a place you’re just meant to be. Something so completely outside your current reality, but ever present in your heart and mind. You have loved this thing with the assumption it would never be yours, and this month it will be knocking on your door. Soak it in, trust it’s real, and try to be a gracious winner without too much gloating.


You’ve been waiting for a sign to jump ship, Capricorn. The work ethic in you has been clutching on for dear life, thinking to give up now would be a sign of laziness and lack of resolve. No matter how over it you are, or how bad the writing on the wall has been, you’ve been putting all your energy into a last-ditch effort to turn things around. This month, you’ll finally receive the permission you’ve been craving to call it a day and close the book on this experience. Be it a relationship, a job, or a pet project, you will finally feel that you did everything you could and that you can walk away with no regrets and no second guessing. There is no fix to this problem other than walking away and enjoying life elsewhere. You fought the good fight.

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