6 Crucial Things That Affect Chemistry Between Two People

We are all familiar with that feeling we get and the spark we feel upon meeting somebody we instantly just vibe with.

It’s like shockwaves are sent throughout your body and you’re in awe of the connection two people are capable of sharing!

Experiencing the almost palpable chemistry with somebody you’re in love with is what dreams are made of.

You can’t fake it, but you sure as hell can pray for it.

So when it happens, you praise the Lord and wish for it to never go away.

But did you know that there are certain personality traits that greatly affect the chemistry between two people?

The more you and your partner are similar in certain areas of your life, the more likely you are to share that incredible chemistry!

Now this isn’t something you can effect yourself, sadly.

And that is precisely why there were some people in your life you just couldn’t click with, no matter how hard you wanted to.

So if you’re happily in love and feel that awesome chemistry with him, it’s probably because you share some of those important personality traits.

And if you couldn’t figure out why there was no spark with somebody you desperately wanted to feel it with, now you’ll finally understand why.

These 6 personality traits are what affects the chemistry between two people in love:

1. Mutual interests

This is what helps build that beautiful chemistry between people. Having even similar interests can help.

Sharing the same sense of humor makes all the difference. Laughing with the person you love is one of life’s greatest joys.

So when you find a person whose wicked sense of humor goes perfectly with yours, it kind of feels like winning the lottery.

Also, sharing a taste in music and movies is important, because let’s face it – half the time, all you do is watch Netflix (and chill).

And this is precisely what makes you happy to see this person in the future, which only fortifies your bond further – and there you go!

Chemistry aced!

2. Complete transparency

When you are able to be completely unfiltered and raw around your partner, that’s when you know you’ve got the real thing.

Being honest and open with each other helps create a feeling of a safe environment, which deepens your chemistry.

Knowing you can say and do anything in front of your partner makes you want to be around them more.

And the fact you’re both this way makes the feeling reciprocal. And this is what helps you stay together and remain as strong as ever.

3. Warmth

Consideration, kindness, and empathy are all seen as great factors that determine mutual attraction between two people.

And warmth is the icing on top. It is the most desirable trait in a partner, because honestly, who doesn’t enjoy being around a warm and inviting person?

Having a partner you share this trait with builds trust and a sense of security.

You are much more likely to count the seconds before seeing a warm, kind person who makes your heart skip a beat, than a person who is indifferent to you.

4. Intimacy

You can be close with a person, but being able to bare everything (both physically and emotionally) means having the connection necessary for a real, deep relationship.

And once your intimacy barrier has been surpassed, you build that chemistry that you can’t share with just anyone.

Has there been a lot of people you felt completely open and intimate with in the sense of being able to be naked and feel comfortable and say anything and feel accepted?

The people who give you that are rare and those are the ones you build that chemistry with.

This is why it’s not present in your every relationship. It takes a lot to achieve it and not every person is up to the task.

5. Matching life goals

People whose life goals differ greatly are bound to split, sooner or later.

Finding a partner who shares your goals for the future and has the same moral beliefs and values is what propels a relationship to a higher level of intimacy.

And that is what ultimately creates that special chemistry.

It is highly unlikely that you will be able to change a person, altering them according to your preferences.

These people aren’t meant to be in your life for long, anyway.

Only ones who match you in the most important aspects of life are able to share that beautiful chemistry with you.

And you should be grateful for that.

Because if not for those mismatched partners, you wouldn’t be able to appreciate the chemistry you later find with a person who is on your wavelength.

6. Physical attraction

And finally, physical attraction is not to be ignored.

This is the first thing that draws you to your partner, so naturally it is what remains a factor in you two staying together.

It is extremely important that you consider your partner appealing and attractive, because that is what creates that chemistry that enriches your s- life.

And s- is a crucial part of a successful relationship.

The person doesn’t have to be a supermodel for you to find them attractive. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

So if the thing that drew you to your partner is still there, you are going to have a ball intensifying that feeling to higher realms.

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