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Ranking The Zodiac Signs Most To Least Compatible With A Pisces In July

1. Cancer

Both of these water signs know they can trust each other emotionally- which is hard to say for some of the other signs. Pisces wants to express themselves, and Cancer gives them the space to do so. Both Pisces and Cancer have a hard time taking care of and acknowledging their own needs but will go out of their way to take care of the people they love, meaning they will both certainly take care of each other. They have enough differences to keep things interesting- Cancer tends to prefer to create a strong foundation and stay at home, whereas Pisces is flexible and desires to see more of the world around them. They are able to pull out the best sides of each other without striving too hard.

2. Scorpio

Another pairing of water signs that make Pisces feel at home. Neither sign is scared by the other’s intensity or sensitivity- and they both prefer to dig below the surface of another human. They don’t feel the need to hide who they are and that natural understanding brings them closer together. Scorpios can at times be a little more possessive than Pisces would like, but both place a high priority on authenticity which allows them to breathe. When these two are all in and fully open, it’s hard to find a match that compares.

3. Capricorn

These two look vastly different from the outside, but this relationship is full of so much possibility. Capricorns may seem void of feelings, but they actually have a strong depth of emotion that they have trouble expressing. Pisces is able to help the Capricorn express those inner emotions they have trouble with, and Capricorn can be a sturdy foundation and help bring Pisces’ ideas to life. Capricorns can be rigid at times, but Pisces’ soft nature helps smooth the rough edges. Pisces can be a bit flaky, but Capricorn can help them stay on track. They both are able to form a deep bond that can last for years if that’s what they want.

4. Virgo

Opposites do seem to attract in this case. Pisces are able to pull Virgo out of their extremely analytical brain, and Virgo can keep Pisces from staying lost in their daydream. These two have some common ground, given their flexible nature and ability to talk about multiple topics for hours. Virgo may be perfectionistic, but they are also curious and drawn to Pisces in a strong way. Pisces may be indecisive and idealistic but feel comforted by the structure Virgo brings. Pisces inspires the best in Virgo, and Virgo allows Pisces to feel understood by encouraging them to talk out what is going on inside their head. While they have the potential for issues, they also have a strong chance at having a fulfilling relationship.

5. Taurus

Taurus and Pisces are both subtle and desire stability emotionally. Pisces still wants plenty of freedom that can confuse Taurus, but Pisces can pull them out of their comfort zone a little. Taurus helps Pisces appreciate what’s in front of them. Both signs pay full and complete attention to the person they love, and they can at times seem as if they are the only person that matters- which makes each sign feel like they’ve found their ideal partner. While Taurus’s stubborn nature and Pisces’ go with the flow mentality can create some friction, Taurus is not one to give up on relationships easily and Pisces is always ready with another chance. They have plenty of opportunities to figure things out.

6. Pisces

While some people may wonder about dating the same sign as themselves, Pisces does have some promise in making it work. The pair will certainly understand each other well, given their similarities. Pisces is a sign enamored with love- both expressing and receiving it. This can create a dreamy atmosphere for both of them, given they will try to meet each other’s needs as best they can. The main issue between these two is communication. Because both signs might feel they can’t express their needs outright there might be a level of uncertainty on what the other should do. Also, Pisces can be known to change their minds often regarding how they are feeling or on what they really want- and if these two can’t discuss when these changes occur, it can leave one Pisces all in and ready to commit and the other preparing to take off and find themselves elsewhere. The pairing is possible, but both have to be willing to actually talk things out.

7. Aries

These two are exceptionally different but can bring some surprising aspects to light for each other. Aries is passionate and dedicated, something Pisces appreciates. Pisces is also flexible and adaptable, something Aries admires. They don’t have much in common, but they enjoy learning from each other. Aries is known to be very “take-charge” where Pisces is subtle, so the dynamics here are pretty well known from the beginning. Pisces can sometimes feel too intimidated by Aries though, leading to them not speaking up about what they need- and if Aries can’t pick up on it themselves, some resentment will likely form.

8. Aquarius

These two are different but can bring out some magic in the other. Aquarius often feels misunderstood, but Pisces understands most people without trying too hard. Pisces can feel like they are criticized for being in their head too much, but Aquarius admires and respects this side of them. Both value freedom and care deeply for the world around them, though they tend to approach those ideas differently. The main issue is that Aquarius can be wary and distant of being close in a relationship, whereas Pisces isn’t afraid to go all-in, which makes Aquarius feel smothered. If they can discuss what they want beforehand, they can make a great team, but they have to be on the same page.

9. Sagittarius

This pairing can be a wild card but has interesting potential. Both signs are determined to see the best in others and have a strong desire for freedom and discovery. However, Sagittarius can be blunt at times, which can be difficult for Pisces’ sensitive nature. Pisces can also idealize their commitment to a Sagittarius when Sagittarius isn’t even sure if they want the committed relationship. These two can form one of the strongest friendships in the zodiac, which is an ideal foundation to build a relationship on- but if they can’t communicate about the emotional side, things can get messy quickly.

10. Libra

Libra and Pisces are both well-liked by most people they meet, and both desire a fairytale type of romance. However, the compatibility isn’t exactly ideal for these two. Pisces and Libra can rarely trust the other, with Libra not wanting to be tied down and Pisces wanting to weigh their options. Both signs are prone to indecision, which can lead to quite a bit of miscommunication from both signs. Both will prefer to avoid potential arguments and sweep things under the rug, which often leaves them both feeling unloved and resentful. While each sign desires love, they approach it in distinctly different ways. They won’t see eye-to-eye about how to make each other fully happy unless they can set aside some of their perceptions.

11. Leo

These two have a strong creative connection, but the similarities end there. Leo is bold and motivated, whereas Pisces prefers to be subtle and take their time. Pisces has incredible ideas, which can inspire Leo, but Pisces rarely follows through, which frustrates Leo to no end. Leos can feel they need to shake Pisces out of their daydream and into reality, but Pisces just feel threatened and unappreciated. Both signs are emotional in their own right, but Leo’s expression tends to be in your face and brash, whereas Pisces is more sensitive and gentle with their emotional expression. Each has so much love to give, but the methods they choose to show that love isn’t often appreciated by the other.

12. Gemini

Gemini and Pisces share some outward similarities, but they aren’t the best match in a relationship. Both are open to new ideas and have the ability to jump from topic to topic without thinking twice. However, Gemini can be a little harsh emotionally for Pisces, and Pisces can seem too sentimental for Gemini. Both signs have trouble trusting each other, as Gemini can tell when someone is saying what they want to hear and Pisces can sense intuitively when they are being lied to. When it comes to relationships, Gemini doesn’t provide much security for a Pisces to build on, and Pisces can be too concerned with the romance aspect to communicate rationally with a Gemini. These two need plenty of help in communicating if they want to make things work.

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