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What kind of mom are you? The answer you just don’t expect

Do you want to know what kind of mom you are, would you be or will you be? Find out from your zodiac sign.

On the occasion of Mother’s Day and after having seen if we are more sweet or salty , let’s try to find out what kind of mother hides behind each of us. And what quality in particular distinguishes and makes every mother of the zodiac special. A way to get to know mothers better.

What mother are you? The stars tell you

Aries – The practical mother
As a mother you stand out for your innate practicality. A quality that makes you more helpful than ever and that allows you to better organize the life of your children but also of those around you.

Taurus – The Sweet Mom
If there’s one aspect that particularly stands out when you’re in your role as a mom, it’s sweetness. In fact, you always worry about the happiness of your little ones (as well as your loved ones). And this is undoubtedly your greatest quality.

Gemini – The Merry Mom
Your main trait as a mom? The innate joy that leads you to make everything appear as unique and special. A sure contribution that you offer to your children every day and that for this reason makes you look unique in their eyes.

Cancer – The mother friend
Among your many qualities, as a mother, you have that of knowing how to be a friend of your children. In fact, everything makes the relationship between you unique and certainly different from the others. Something that makes you look unique in their eyes. And all even if you tend to be a little apprehensive at times.

Leo – The dynamic mother
Being dynamic is a characteristic that is part of you both in everyday life and in the role of mother. For your children you are certainly a point of reference as well as a person to be taken as an example and emulated.

Virgo – The Funny Mom
Despite your apparent rigidity, when you’re in the role of mom you can also be funny. A feature that makes your children love you and that always puts you in a good light in their eyes.

Libra – The relaxing mom
Thanks to your ways of doing things you are able to convey a certain tranquility. This happens both in general and as a mother. In fact, with your presence alone you give a generically positive mood and able to make individuals grow in perfect balance.

Scorpio – The Motivating Mom
Your super mom quality? That of supporting and supporting your children by trying to help them become the best version of themselves. A role that you manage great and that makes you very loved and respected by them. Above all for your knowing how to stay close even in the most difficult moments.

Sagittarius – The Playful Mom
If there’s one thing you never miss for your children, it’s play. Being the first one who is always looking for fun, you are able to invent new games and distractions for yourself. And all in ways that bring you closer to your children, making you a nice mom and always able to entertain them.

Capricorn – The enterprising mother
In the eyes of your children you are an enterprising mother and always ready to bring new ideas or solutions to seemingly difficult to solve problems. A way of doing things that gives them courage and a desire to do things.

Aquarius – The extravagant mom
One of the most obvious aspects of your way of being is knowing how to always be original. A mode that makes you unique in the eyes of your children who find in you an unpredictable person and therefore funny.

Pisces – The imaginative mom
What is the most positive feature that distinguishes you as a mom? Your immense fantasy. With it you are in fact able to teach your children to dream and see things from an always different point of view. A way of doing things that certainly makes them free and at the same time able to build a life tailored to them.

Understanding that mom is a good way to confront themselves and to get to know each other better. An aspect that should also be investigated from the point of view of the profile of the ascendant . In this way, in fact, you will have an additional and certainly more useful point of view.

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