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Today we discover a very particular horoscope ranking: that of the zodiac signs that are afraid of getting old! Will you be there too?

There are people, we know well, who cannot help but follow a very strict skincare routine. They start almost two hours before going out, hydratingsoothingcleansing, and strengthening. But, on the other hand, we are not just talking about facial beauty!

Some people drink only water, sleep twelve hours a night, exercise with the precision of a Swiss watch, and try in every way to prevent the arrival of wrinkles.
No, we’re not just talking about extremely healthy people – we’re talking about all those people who are afraid of getting old!

The zodiac signs that are afraid of getting old: aren’t you also in today’s horoscope ranking?

Everyone happens, sooner or later, to have to think about their age: it could be during a particularly unhappy birthday (while everyone is singing Happy Birthday to you and you don’t know which way to look) or the first time you say ” Oplà ” getting up from the sofa.
The question comes up, unsettling, and is capable of making you question your whole life:
” Am I getting old ?”.

It matters little that you ask yourself this every day, pretend you never ask or do everything to not think about it.
It happens to everyone (but really everyone) to get old but only these zodiac signs are terrified of making others!
We asked the stars and planets to explain to us which zodiac signs are afraid of getting old: never joke with them about it!

Gemini: fifth place

There is a reason why those born under the sign of Gemini run, run (and still run) without ever stopping.
They are afraid that if they stopped even for a moment, all their years and their problems would end up falling on them: then yes that would be trouble!

Gemini does not like to think about the time that passes: by dint of always trying to be youthful, therefore, the more they grow up the more they happen to get stuck in doing things that … they would like not to do anymore!
Instead of staying at home reading a book, then, you can meet the Twins at the disco. Grumpy, agitated, definitely out of place: they will never admit, however, that they have aged!

Sagittarius: fourth place

Sagittarius is one of those zodiac signs that have no intention of admitting to being aged … quite the opposite! Sagittarius
likes to think that they are an eternal child and also, consequently, that they can behave like … an eternal child!

It is no coincidence that those born under this zodiac sign are among the most childish people (in both positive and negative sense) of the whole zodiac. Sagittarius
likes to think they can stay small forever: the idea of ​​getting old makes them not only afraid but also a lot, a lotanxiety!

Virgo: third place

Even those born under the sign of Virgo don’t like the idea of getting old at all, quite the opposite!
Their fear of adulthood may be linked to the fact that those born under the sign of Virgo are generally people who are afraid of the ” ugly ” or ” sick “.

Two adjectives that Virgo attributes to old age! Those born under the sign of Virgo truly see aging with horror, not understanding that it is enough to face the transition with a minimum of grace to reverse the situation. Never ask the Virgin how many years ago and never stress that they are decidedly “elderly”: they will blame you to death !

Leo: second place

The idea of ​​having to age is by no means contemplated by Leos and this is the reason why we position them so high in today’s ranking! Leos
are people unable to accept that time passes also and above all for them: what a horror!

Any type of cosmetic surgery, from surgery to the simple choice of clothes or haircut, is essential for Leos.
They do not want to see each other or feel aged: do not try to joke with them on this subject, under pain of a terrible glare!

Leos are among the first places in the ranking of zodiac signs who are afraid of getting old because this is the only fear that manages to make their knees tremble. Never tell a Leo: ” How many candles are on the cake this year !”. They’ll tie it to your finger and hardly ever talk to you again!

Libra: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs that are afraid of getting old

Eternal Peter Pan, young inside but above all outside, top of the list when it comes to partying and having fun: no wonder Libra is at the top of our ranking today!
Those born under the sign of Libra have a real sacred terror of aging.

That’s why they have friends who are many years younger and hang out with people who “rejuvenate” them.
Libra is scary to think of getting old: they do not appreciate both the effects that age has on the body and the fact that they no longer feel ” part of the speech “.

Generally, this terror of theirs makes them a little more enthusiastic and energetic than others: Libras are very impulsive people who can make choices that always seem extreme.
In reality, they try to feel still young, without ever giving up!

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