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Are you one of the more cautious zodiac signs in love or is it the kind you like? Let’s find out right away if it’s impossible to make him make the first move!

Some people can’t help but go there with ” lead feet ” when it comes to love and relationships.
Is it not by chance that you or your partner are among them?

Cappadocia better: some people pretend to have any hesitations than love and people, however, are just very cautious for fear of injury.
Don’t you think it is better to find out immediately what are the signs that, no matter what happened to him in life, they go extremely slowly in love?

The most cautious zodiac signs in love: it’s not that your partner is among them too, is it?

Who hasn’t happened to have to deal with a person who is particularly reluctant to let himself go to love?
(And if this has never happened to you, we have only one word for you: lucky !).

Often and willingly, some people take advantage of others by claiming to have been “burned” and hurt by love in the past.
For this reason, they cannot be together with you and for no other reason in the world!

Well, today we are here to say that yes, these people exist.
No, this is not the guy I met on the beach this summer, who swore eternal love to you but in the meantime felt like he was with a hundred other people.
Fortunately, we have the horoscope on our side which can help us better understand and identify these people.

Are you ready to find out which are the most cautious zodiac signs in love? Here are the top five positions of the zodiac!

Taurus: fifth place

Although it always seems to us that they have heart-shaped eyes and also that they fall in love easily, those born under the sign of Taurus are very cautious in love! The reason you always see them in love and happy is that Taurus never expose themselves to people they are not sure of.

Mind you: the Toro can happen is to stay single for so long, because no one is at the height of their expectations, and is to be always engaged.
In love, and let’s say for real, the Taurus chooses only and excludes people who have valued very, very calmly. Try going on a date with them to believe it!

Virgo: fourth place

Ah, did you think we would not have included in our ranking today, that of the most cautious zodiac signs in love, those born under the sign of Virgo?
You were wrong and also big!

It is well known that Virgo is an extremely precise sign, attentive to aesthetics and to what others do. (True? If you read our horoscope the answer is yes but you never know).
In love, Virgo is even more attentive to details! He doesn’t let his heartbeat for anyone unless they are a particularly deserving person.
You can not go with the foot over the lead of the Virgin in love or not?

Sagittarius: third place

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are particularly amazing when it comes to love. Certainly, Sagittarius is a particularly independent sign that does not seem so at all.
He often behaves like a real cuddly but, deep down, the Sagittarius doesn’t need anyone.

That’s why, often and willingly, Sagittarius goes slow in love and doesn’t start imagining the future together. Indeed, it doesn’t even leave your room to imagine it!
Those born under this sign can keep the secrecy about their love life even with their partners themselves to truly frightening levels. Try to believe!

Capricorn: second place

We have given Capricorns second place in our ranking of the most cautious zodiac signs in love because it is difficult for these signs to let go.
Let’s explain ourselves better: Capricorn is a sign that has many problems managing their emotions, especially those that have to do with love.

From this it follows that, often and willingly, Capricorn is extremely cautious when it comes to love, falling in love, or getting together.
There is only one exception to this behavior: when he thinks you are the one or the right one!

The Capricorn is known to be very cautious with everyone because it is not sure how much you will be together for real.
In his mind, all doubts will materialize at any moment: he can take extra steps only when he is genuinely convinced that you will get married. Um, how does your Capricorn behave with you, then?

Leo: first place in the ranking of the most cautious zodiac signs in love

Well yes, we need to give some credit and space to our friends born under the sign of Leo. They are cautious in love, so cautious that you think they don’t want to have anything to do with you!

The Leone are people who have developed emotional intimacy, impossible (or nearly so) to manage.
Accustomed as they are to put pride and loyalty in the first place, those born under this sign often end up being in trouble in front of love.

For Leos, it is difficult to let themselves go with someone they have not known, literally, all their life.
If they can’t trust you (and they can’t, unless they’ve known you for ten years) it will be next to impossible for them to be resourceful in love. They are very cautious in relationships: give them time but don’t even spend your entire life waiting for them to wake up!

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