Does your boyfriend do nothing but fix his hair or jacket when you are out together? Warning: it could be one of the vainest signs of the zodiac!

You recognize them right away, especially in times of pandemics, because they just look at their image in the small box instead of looking you in the eye during a video call.

Oh yes, today we talk about all those people who are in love with their image and who cannot help but fix it every second.
Nothing wrong with taking care of yourself, mind you: but when are you exaggerating and crossing the line?
Well, first we find out if you are in the ranking of today’s horoscope!

The most vain zodiac signs of the whole zodiac: do you by any chance know someone who is in the ranking today?

Yes, there are zodiac signs that cannot resist their image and do nothing but try to improve it or admire it every second. Hey, it is not that you are also in the ranking of today’s horoscope?

No, don’t worry: this is not a process (for now).

We just want to find out what those zodiac signs are that just can’t help but grab the mirror whenever they can. You recognize them because they are those people who fix their hair in the mirrors of cars, not theirs, or who photograph themselves in front of the mirrored doors of the subway.

Hey, aren’t you also among the top five most vain zodiac signs of the whole horoscope? Let’s find out now!

Capricorn: fifth place

Dear Capricorn, really don’t scoff: it’s time to admit it! We all know that you can be particularly vain when you make an effort.
Although Capricorns pretend not to care about their appearance or can mitigate this characteristic, we can assure you: they are vain!

An endless wardrobe, truly capillary care of the body and the person, and a love for one’s reflection in the mirror: that’s how Capricorns are. Even if they pretend they don’t want to, they like to be the center of attention and be at their best when they are around!

Taurus: fourth place

Also, pay attention to those born under the sign of Taurus: they can be vain to no end even if we would not expect it from them!
The Taurus is very critical people both towards others and, above all, towards themselves.

It seems strange to us, therefore, that they are in the ranking of the vainest signs of the zodiac, right?
You must know, however, that when the Taurus decides to set a tone, no one can be vainer than him! With the right clothes, fresh from the hairdresser, with perfect makeup, Taurus is truly impossible to achieve: they will do nothing but gaze at each reflective surface they encounter!

Libra: third place

On the first step of the podium of our ranking of the vainest signs of the zodiac, we find those born under the sign of Libra.
Dear Libra, sometimes the time comes to deal with some of your flaws which, if you continue to ignore, end up becoming annoying.

There is no problem in admitting that you like to be beautiful and that you like to look at yourself from morning to night! The balance is a sign that often speaks of himself, autoincensandosi to no end!
The annoying thing, though, is that they deny that they are vain and pretend a modesty they don’t have: why pretend?

Virgo: second place

Accustomed as they are to wanting perfection and also to being perfection, those born under the sign of Virgo are also particularly vain.
Nothing wrong with always wanting to be dressed in the latest fashion or being kidnapped by your image in front of the mirror!

The Virgin, however, is a sign that has a really strong sense of self and picture and does not leave the house if you have even just a hair out of place!
On the one hand, we can say that their ” mania ” has led them to great results: there is no one who knows how to prepare faster than the Virgin!

In short: vain yes but also really very efficient when it comes to leaving the house! (In some way, therefore, they are forgiven: they are capable of being beautiful in no time!).

Leo: first place in the ranking of the most vain signs of the zodiac

Dear Leo, the time has come to admit this weakness of yours also and above all because we can assure you that everyone is aware of it!
Those born under the sign of Leo are particularly enraptured and bewitched … by their image!

Leo thinks that their body and their appearance must always be perfect, to the point.
This perfection serves to make everyone understand immediately, from the first glance, that Leo is a decisive and confident person, without fears or problems.
(Although, in reality, that’s not quite so true?).

The Leone spends a lot of time wondering what to wear, how to cut their hair, how to look perfect from every angle.
If they wake up one morning and can’t get the eyeliner line the way they want or the shirt they’ve chosen falls badly, they might not even leave the house!

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