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May Month Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign

May begins intensely and shows us things as they are, without filters and without curtains, waking us up to reality.

Things are in continuous motion this month, “the year does not bring what the clock brings, we could say”, if we think about all the changes and surprises that are in store for us. May begins intensely with the Full Moon in Virgo on the 2nd, which we will feel like a cold shower: it shows us things as they are, without filters and without curtains, waking us up to reality. We no longer indulge in ambiguous relationships or situations, which do not offer us certainties. With the New Moon in Pisces on May 17, we have the courage to fight for happiness, to detach ourselves from any context that keeps us in place, and to evolve towards optimistic, favorable, clear horizons.

May horoscope for each zodiac sign

The opportunities are not lacking, one could even say that, for some, they are superfluous. If we take things step by step, without rushing, we will have an unforgettable month!

Horoscope May Aries – take wings

You are the man of the moment, so you have fun and indulge without thinking about the future. Now your health forces you to make small changes in your lifestyle: sleeping more, smoking less, and avoiding stress may be a necessity. Moments of balance and lack of energy are fleeting. For now, it’s good not to get involved in too many activities at once, in order to catch up with the priority projects at work. You will have enough time to deal with more pleasant and relaxing things towards the end of the month. As a couple you have intimacy, understanding, and pampering, you fall (re) in love and feel like you’re floating!

Taurus May horoscope – you reevaluate yourself

You feel the need to do something useful, or interesting, that captures your attention and fills your life. You can start a completely new activity that will get you out of your routine or start a project together with your friends. In the last part of the month, you tend to question your choices regarding your lover or your job. You are tempted, at least for a short period, to start over somewhere else, where you have more to gain, emotionally or financially. If any symptom draws your attention that you are not exactly healthy, it is good to give importance to it and treat yourself conscientiously.

May Gemini horoscope – a touch of relaxation

The fatigue accumulated in the last period can be to blame for minor injuries, but all the dizziness and inattention can be solved with good sleep and more relaxation. It is important to take care of yourself and adjust your schedule. You tend to put work first and refuse invitations to travel or have fun, but if you exhaust yourself and don’t have time for what you like, you risk suffocating your frustrations. An outing with friends suits you well. The tensions that appear in the couple are minor and you overcome them easily, with specific optimism. Do not take NU in your arms if the opportunity for a new collaboration arises.

Cancer May Horoscope – take things slow!

The stars put you on a diet! In the month of May, it’s good not to get carried away by the wave of sweet gifts and to eat in moderation, otherwise, the pounds slip away with disturbing ease, as do digestive problems. It is advisable to move, but not at a very fast pace, which would predispose you to falls and hits. You feel the need for action, you want everything to happen here and now, but it is advisable not to rush, especially as a couple. Be careful with words and attitudes that can be misunderstood, leave no room for interpretation! You can start a professional collaboration that will allow you to explore your imagination and creativity to the maximum.

Horoscope May Leo – general cleaning

The Full Moon kind of messes you up, but it also forces you to put your life and habits in order. It is mandatory to give up any kind of excesses! Unpleasant at first, but useful in the long run. Unresolved situations related to a material gain that you expect are clarified during this period when you find out if the final benefits are worth all your effort. Things have a good chance of being resolved in your favor. Also in May, expenses caused by unforeseen wishes or even certain defects are foreseen, whether it is a telephone, a clock, or the carpet in the living room. On the erotic level, you can live intense experiences with a new conquest!

Horoscope Virgo May – you put your foot in the door

Problems from the past may return to your attention, perhaps related to health, perhaps the workplace or a loved one. If there are unclear situations in your life, now you can put an end to them. All the material or sentimental investments that have proven to bring stress and dissatisfaction are put on the back burner and you want to change something at any cost. Maybe you choose to make a compromise for another short period, as a kind of ultimatum. In any case, the fact that you are finally putting yourself first is an excellent chance. Negotiations of any kind prove auspicious for Virgos, hence a general state of well-being towards the end of the month.

Libra May horoscope – you need support

It’s a time when the upsets you tried to mask in the past come out in one form or another. Maybe the finality of your work or the feelings you have invested is not what you wanted. You feel the need to say what’s on your mind and to be justified, to be understood and supported. If you hold a management position, you may find yourself in the situation of changing your work strategy, and at home the discussions caused by the relationship between you and your parents or your partner must reach a common denominator. Even if now you feel overwhelmed by stress, a good mood and profits are closer than you think!

Horoscope Scorpio May – you are favored

Flexibility is the key to your success this month. You have to be willing to make concessions, especially if there is an important stake at stake. You may have to strongly support a cause you care about. Try not to get involved when you get involved in discussions about situations that you do not know in detail. The level of stress is quite high due to the astral context, however, it is easy for you to get what you want, draw a line and start from scratch. Especially in the first part of the month, you are pampered and you feel appreciated, important, and loved. Keep your eyes open when you do sports when you drive or even when you cross the street in a hurry because accidents happen unpredictably.

Sagittarius May Horoscope – you enjoy energy

The stars are with you, you are favored especially in the first part of the month when you feel the need to reach your maximum potential. Don’t rush to make drastic decisions because of momentary dissatisfaction, especially financial ones – expenses are higher now, but it’s a temporary situation. However, it is good not to take money out of your pocket unless the situation requires it. Emotionally, you are on the wave, you have the comfort of soul and proof of love from those who really matter to you: your partner and children. At work, you may not earn as much as expected, but the atmosphere is pleasant and compensates for this shortcoming.

May Capricorn horoscope – you don’t have time to be bored

The workplace demands a lot from you, whether you have years of experience or you are recently employed. If you want to change your field of activity, there are no shortage of opportunities, you may even have the chance to earn money from an activity that you have wanted for some time and that you love to do. You are a bit irritable and quite inattentive, but you have a strong intuition during this period, which proves to be a lifesaver. It’s a great achievement that you manage to get everyone, family, colleagues or friends, to play as you sing. On a sentimental level, you are romantic and willing to experiment. If you feel like cooking, it’s good to handle sharp objects and the stove with care!

Horoscope May Aquarius – win for the cause

Don’t push yourself during this period, whatever things you may have planned. When you feel tired or have any pain, listen to your body and take a break! If you are offered a motivating salary, but also a much more demanding job, you must think carefully before making a decision that can completely change the routine you are used to. There are possible obstacles on the horizon from some hostile people, who do not care about you and you may be put in the situation of having to explain in order to clarify a certain context. Justice is on your side and uncertainties find their solution, with patience. Personal charm brings you sympathy and benefits!

Horoscope Pisces May – hurry slowly!

You are fine with your physical and mental tone, but it is advisable to take advantage of this for purposes that really matter. It would not be desirable to make drastic decisions following minor disappointments. Do not rush, weigh things well, because perseverance is the best weapon in your case. Romantic and idealistic as you are, the New Moon in your sign helps you to leave behind those dreams that uselessly consume your energy and to orient yourself toward achievable, tangible goals that bring you satisfaction. Avoid spending nights and don’t overdo it, even if the mood makes you think you can afford it. Peace and comfort of the soul are the words that define you in May!

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