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What Is The Protective Stone That Represents You Based On The Zodiac Sign?

Each of us, according to the sign, has a different stone of protection. This identifies us and is right for us, so to speak, even in the most impervious and intricate situations.

But if you are curious to find out what yours is, then all you have to do is read our article to the end, which will surely be able to answer your doubts about it. Let’s start with the first sign on the list.


It is a sign that remains a leader like few others, and for this, his will be a fiery red stone: tiger’s eye which, in its many variations, can be ruby, red jasper, or carnelian.


Taurus is an earth sign that always seeks stability, and its stones have a green or bluish color, such as quartz or chrysocolla.


The sign of Gemini always manages to have a hypnotic personality, in everything it does, and for this reason, it can release a great character, through white-colored stones, such as aquamarine, amber, or even here, the eye of the tiger.


A sign that has great strength, in any type of context, but that sometimes gets carried away a little too much by its emotions. Its stones are pink in color and can be rose quartz, in fact, calcite or carnelian.


A natural leader, like the ram, his stones are a symbol of great energy and great vitality. That’s why we can bring back those that are an expression of warm colors such as amber, tiger’s eye, and rock crystal.


As everyone knows, Virgo is a fine analyst, it is the most perfectionist sign of the entire zodiac, always focused on its goals. And she usually prefers stones that have the colors of nature such as amber, amethyst, and sodalite.


It is an air sign, whose character knows how to make everyone agree. He has a good personality and manages to establish very strong connections with others. Its stones are chrysocolla, jasper, and lapis lazuli.


Malachite, jasper, fluorite, agate. These are the stones of the scorpion, which remains among the toughest and most determined of all the zodiac. No, you don’t do it to him.


It is a sign that manages to be sincere and optimistic in the most diverse contexts, even if it is a fire sign, Sagittarius feels safe under blue and purple tones. His stones are lapis lazuli, sodalite, azurite, and amethyst.


Capricorn loves neutral tones of white, beige, and gray, and its stones are rock crystal, obsidian, and onyx.


It is a sign that loves independence and always knows how to be very open-minded. It is a person who sees in novelist, chrysocolla, and fluorite the stones that are right for him.


Pisces is an affectionate and not very irritable sign, it is a person who loves the cold tones of blue and violet and for this reason, his favorite stones are agate, amethyst, and hematite.

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