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Love Horoscope For The Week Of April 1st-7th, 2024

The beginning of this month brings many troubles and problems in love.

Mercury retrograde (between April 1st and 25th, 2025) is to blame, which will cause certain discussions and debates in relationships. The love horoscope announces that each zodiac sign will taste a bit of the bitterness this retrograde brings. Many of the conflicts will be caused by unresolved situations from the past or shadows of former partners that reappear, unexpectedly, in our lives. Impulsive decisions are prohibited during this period because they will cause a lot of chaos. Astrologers recommend a more temperate attitude and a lot of patience.

The love horoscope, deeply influenced by Venus in the following period

Venus makes her presence felt more than ever (especially since these are the last days she is in Pisces) and makes a conjunction with Neptune on Wednesday, April 3rd. This meeting will bring you a lot of romance, but it comes with a price: we will idealize all the situations in our love life. We will see our partners as perfect and without mistakes, we will put their needs first and, if former loves keep reappearing in our lives, there are good chances that we will reconcile with someone from the past because a wave of love blinds us.

Venus moves into Aries on April 5th, bringing more clarity to everyone and helping us to be a bit more pragmatic and rational. However, this week could have a strong impact on the future of relationships.

Let’s see what the stars bring for each sign and ascendant separately!


For you, this week will be quite quiet, at least in the first days. After Venus reaches your sign, s*xual energy will dominate you. You will feel attractive, desired, and passionate. It is a good time to reconnect intimately with your life partner.

If you’re single, there’s a good chance you’ll start an adventure that, in a short time, will mean more than simple attraction and turn into love.


Your ruler, Venus, is extremely active this week, benefiting the romantic sector of your chart. You have beautiful moments in your love relationship because you manage to convey your feelings easily. It is also a wonderful time to translate emotions into art: sing, dance, or paint because you manage to express yourself in an almost magical way.

On the other hand, if you are alone, the transits from the week of April 1st-7th do not benefit you at all. The retrograde of Mercury comes with a lot of turmoil about your love life, especially if you have recently entered into a relationship. You have thoughts of reconciliation, and Venus urges you to overlook the possible toxic attitude of an ex-lover. It is not recommended to make hasty decisions.


Mercury (your ruler) begins retrograde during this period and you are directly affected. You will experience contradictory feelings and you will tend to reconsider certain decisions from the past. Unresolved quarrels with your life partner will come to light now, and conflicts will be more pressing than ever. Separation is also possible if you fail to communicate openly.

If you are not in a relationship, you will look back a long time to discover what went wrong in your former loves. It is essential to learn to let go of regrets, even if on Wednesday when the Venus-Neptune conjunction takes place, it could make you fall in love with your ex-partner again. However, why force things, when you could let life take its natural course? Think well.


You live with great intensity and have a strong desire for adventure. Because you want to change something in your life, the attention could be directed towards the love relationship. You will look for things to improve and there is nothing wrong with telling your partner what you expect. It is advisable, however, to approach in a calm tone and not make everything sound repros, because otherwise conflicts will appear. You are on thin ice and you have to tread carefully.

If you are not with someone, it is quite difficult to start a relationship during this period, because your expectations can be unrealistic and difficult to fulfill.


Nothing will turn out the way you want, because the universe seems to have other plans for you. This will frustrate you quite a lot because you like to be in control. You want to emerge victorious from any situation, and this will not be possible this week. In your love relationship, you will feel as if you are being pushed aside and you will have a lot of confusion about your future together. You need time to think.

If you are alone, there is a good chance that you will meet a former love again, but you will soon discover that it is not the best idea.


You are deeply influenced by this week’s transits. Mercury reminds you of painful moments from the past but with a noble purpose: that of healing. You need to face these shadows to look more enthusiastically into the future. Venus makes you vulnerable and easy to deceive. Especially on Wednesday, it would be good not to forget reason, because you simply let yourself be easily bewitched by the words of someone who doesn’t necessarily want your best.

Also, if you’re single, there’s a good chance you’ll fall into a trap if you fall in love without trying to get to know the person who’s courting you better. Appearances are very deceiving.


Venus influences you in the love sector, which is why you may need more attention from your loved one. This could lead to two possible situations, depending on the point where your relationship is. If you are attracted to each other and things are good between you, your attitude will spice up the situation and you will spend memorable moments together. If, on the other hand, there is a distance and you have had conflicts lately, you will feel rejected and this could lead to a breakup.

Someone completely unexpected enters your life at the end of the week. So, if you are single, expect sparks and passion. You will have a s*xy adventure that can turn into a love story.


You are favored by the stars this week. Wednesday will be the best day when the romantic energy brought by the Venus-Neptune conjunction makes you have wonderful moments in your love relationship. A conversation or activity as a couple will bring a lot of joy to your life. Enjoy these magical moments.

If you are alone, it is very possible to meet a special man who steals your heart.


In the next period, it would be good to detach yourself from the conflicts that take place in your life. Contradictory discussions appear in the family and the relationship of the couple, but it is not necessary to give them a course. Towards the end of the week, the fire will go out by itself and peace will reappear in your life.

The energy of Mercury together with the sensuality of Venus will make you act impulsively. Therefore, if you are alone, it is not recommended to get into a relationship, because you will regret it later.


You are empathetic with those around you. You manage to look deep into the soul of those you interact with and see what they need. Perhaps this quality will be extremely useful this week because you have the opportunity to be a reliable support for a close friend or a relative. If you are in a relationship, your life partner will put you in a difficult situation that tests your limits.

If you are alone, it is possible to fall in love at once.


Mercury will retrograde in the communication sector of your chart, and this can cause all kinds of confusion. You don’t manage to make yourself understood and you don’t connect to the discussions you have. Hard words that were said to you in the past reappear now in your mind, bringing all kinds of trauma and anguish. What would be recommended for you: loneliness. It’s hard to detach, but it’s better to give yourself time for introspection.

If you are not in a relationship, it is a good time to take a step back and think about what you want from your future love. Until you can see the situation more clearly, it is not advisable to fall in love.


You receive a dose of energy from the Universe and you have a week in which you are favored by the stars. You will feel as if all the people around you have aligned with your feelings. You will receive gifts and surprises from your loved ones. You have a special connection with your loved one and share a magical mother.

If you are alone, your special magnetism turns into sensuality and you experience a passionate adventure that you would not have expected. Live these moments intensely.

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