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The stars reveal to us which are the zodiac signs that are afraid of the sacred bond of marriage. They will never ask you to get married!

Marriage is an act of love but it is also binding and some men fear it for it. For them, you can be in love and happy regardless of the ring on your finger. Some men believe in marriage and consider it necessary to complete a life plan with another person and then there are them, the signs that according to astrologers, they do not tolerate the idea of ​​commitment and responsibilities that an eternal union entails.

If your partner is one of these 3 zodiac signs he probably won’t ask you to marry him but this does not go beyond that he loves you infinitely for life or that he is not convinced that you are the perfect woman for him. It’s more a fear of commitment itself than a doubt about his feelings. Find out who the 3 signs of allergies to marriage are.

If your partner is one of these 3 signs, they are allergic to marriage

Marriage is a great commitment and also a great challenge. Divorces are increasing more and more and the idea of ​​a union that lasts a lifetime seems to be increasingly uncertain. If there is no certainty about the future then why make a commitment that lasts a lifetime? Some men are certain that you can love a woman regardless of marriage or simply use this excuse to disguise their allergy and intolerance to any form of commitment, constraint, and an obstacle to their freedom.

Here are the 3 zodiac signs who fear marriage and imagine it like a noose around their neck:


Capricorn is a sign that works hard to make sure his family does not lack for anything, he is an adorable, kind, and generous partner and yet he does not believe that marriage is important to guarantee serenity to the family. When you approach the subject of marriage with this sign you immediately notice its angry expression. This sign is very ambitious, especially on a professional level, and sees marriage as an obstacle, an impediment to the realization of its projects. It is useless to try to convince him, the Capricorn will react to the pressures by moving away. He will consider marrying if this forced separation makes him realize that without love he feels like a defeated man.


The Aquarius is a sign that loves his freedom and independence and yet his allergy to marriage depends on something else. This sign fears that their heart will break. He can’t let go completely, he is anguished by the idea of ​​being burned and suffering for the end of a love that should have been forever. When the aquarium sees the couples around him leave, he is also frightened because he realizes that in relationships there is less and less tolerance and acceptance of the other’s defects. A sore point for the aquarium is that knows very well that it has its particular way of life. Although he loves his partner he tends to put him in second place, he is also changeable and unpredictable and he knows that it is not easy to live with him. A rebellious and unconventional sign like him just can’t commit life.


In the ranking of men who are afraid of marriage, we also find the sign of Virgo. Just him who is part of the zodiac signs that when they fall in love they love you for life. The reason is simple, this sign we know well how perfectionist and demanding it is. Meticulous and anxious by nature, this sign must always have everything under control and never relax. He is willing to put a lot on the line for love and to make great sacrifices but he is not willing to get married because he knows that he would expect too much from married life and he also knows that he is not pleased and is never satisfied. This complexity of him combined with the love for his freedom and the pleasure he feels in spending time alone makes him orient towards a relationship that on paper is not too demanding. In reality, he tries to disguise his true fear by making the wrong choice. Only the idea of ​​making such a mistake makes him feel the weight of failure. This sign prefers not to risk, and marriage is too great a risk for him.

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