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Run! We have to run here and then there. Now? Climb and then jump and then… okay, we get it. You are one of the most hyperactive signs in the zodiac, aren’t you?

We know, we know: we all have truly hectic lives between bus rides, impossible parking, work, friends and boyfriends, children and husbands.
Always moving, always running from side to side, you eventually get completely exhausted in the evening.

Or rather, it is so for most of us. However, some people hate being on a panciolle and who always have to do something.
Hey, we’re certainly not pointing the finger at you: but it would be nice to find out if you rank in this ranking, isn’t it?

The most hyperactive signs of the zodiac: hey it’s not like you are in today’s horoscope ranking too, are you?

Sometimes it happens and, when we realize it, it’s always too late.
Our boyfriend is a real hyperactive, over and over, always ready to run from one side to the other, to wake up at six in the morning every morning, and to offer trekking in the mountains during the weekend.
Do not get us wrong: the more active people are fantastic inspirations to the rest of us with the robe of batteries and verve of a bear in hibernation

This is by no means to say that the most hyperactive signs of the zodiac are at risk of ruining your weekend of facial masks and herbal teas on the bed.
We only asked stars and planets to draw up this ranking to have clear ideas and not to risk misunderstandings.

We do not want a ranking to look at every first date, to try to understand if whoever sits in front of us will wake us up every morning before the sun rises!
(Come on, that’s fine, it’s time to tell the truth: it is obvious that this ranking serves to understand who are hyperactive and partridge at large !).

Taurus: fifth place

Yes, we have to admit it. The Toro is part of our list of the most hyperactive signs of the zodiac because it will not be a surprise, not manage to sit still a minute.
On the contrary, let’s try to explain ourselves better: it often happens that the Taurus spend some down moments, where they practically don’t get out of bed and live by eating leftovers for a week.

Following these moments, therefore, the Taurus comes to life and becomes decidedly hyperactive. They try to recover in a few days everything they have “lost” previously: they are machines and it is almost impossible to stop them!

Capricorn: fourth place

Those born under the sign of Capricorn are people who generally like to keep busy. For them, there is nothing better than being able to do, do, and (you guessed it) still do.

They are truly hyperactive people who never really stop, especially at work! At Capricorn, not mind wander like a top for his business and at the same time, virtually never stands in the house. Every day he has a different friend to see: but where do they find all this energy?

Gemini: third place

Even those born under the sign of Gemini are truly hyperactive people when they get into it.
Of course, it sometimes happens that Gemini doesn’t want to do anything for months and months but, trust us: their true nature is that of hyperactive ones!

The Twins never stand still: changing jobs, cities, partners, friends, and convictions with a snap. For them whoever stands still is truly lost; if you want to deal with them it is better to prepare yourself for a whirlwind of emotions!

Aquarius: second place

Do you want to set the alarm at six in the morning to take a picture of a sleeping Aquarius? We are sorry for you: they are not only already up but they are also already out, they walked around, they went to the newsagent and they took you to breakfast.
Did you want to take a picture of them while they were sleeping? Ah, poor you: Aquarius only sleep when others are resting!

Ok, no, okay we’re exaggerating: the Aquarium is not the machines tireless although we are very close. Fortunately for them, however, they haven’t become robots yet!
The Aquarium is people just hyperactive: they must become so if they want to lend a hand to everyone and everything!

For Aquarius, there is nothing better to do: what good are words, empty of meaning, if they are not followed by concrete actions? If you want to rest, Aquarians can replace you in all respects: now it only depends if you can rest while they flutter from side to side!

Leo: first place in the ranking of the most hyperactive signs of the zodiac

There is nothing to be done, dear friends of the Lion, today you win a decidedly curious palm. It is you who are the most hyperactive signs of the whole zodiac: you are happy, right?
Well, know that not happy are all those people who, instead, are next to you.

No, come on, let’s a joke: what we mean is that you are simply never home and you never really rest.
Gym or exercise, evenings full of parties and afternoons full of friends to see, you work tirelessly (when you feel like it) and you don’t have time to sleep.
Anyone who loves you must make an appointment with your secretary to see you!

The Leone are people who can not calm down or take a pause. They must always go at a hundred thousand kilometers per hour: better not to put a spoke in their wheels!

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