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Hey, don’t you just happen to be one of the five most confusing signs in life and you don’t know which way to go? Find out now!

Let’s understand each other well: everyone happens, sooner or later, to have a moment of ” bewilderment ” in life.
Indeed, let‘s face it: it happens that it is much more than a moment. Sometimes it feels like our entire life!

Between people who advise you to pretend until you make it, people who make bad decisions with enviable confidence, and people who always seem to do the right thing, it’s hard to understand where we are. The horoscope also suggested to us the five zodiac signs that risk being victims of confusion and getting lost in a glass of water. Isn’t it the stars’ fault that you don’t know what to do with your life?

The most confusing signs in life: here is today’s horoscope ranking

Where do we goWhy do we go there? How do we go there? And above all, what do we eat on the way?
Okay, okay: maybe these aren’t exactly all the questions that confused people ask themselves in life but we can say that, in all likelihood, they come very close.

Do you also know someone who seems to have absolutely no direction in life, who has no plans and projects, and who finds himself in a stalemate from which he cannot get out?
Hey, we certainly don’t want to point the finger at anyone, also because then we would have four more fingers pointing exactly toward us!

Maybe you are the one who is one of the most confusing zodiac signs in life or maybe you will simply find in today’s horoscope chart some of your family members or closest friends.
How about: is it worth checking today’s top five with us?

Aries: fifth place

Dear Aries, you know very well that dealing with yourself can be very unnerving for others.
For what reason? Oh but simply because you are among the most confused and confusing people on the face of the earth!

Whenever Aries make a decision you can be sure that they will change their minds at least one hundred more times. They don’t care or don’t want to worry about the consequences their behavior will have on others. Aries are independent people but they also know they have a crowd of friends and relatives ready to help them and cover each of their steps … even the false ones!

Cancer: fourth place

Cancer earns fourth place in our ranking today due to its decidedly difficult way to understand. But how is it possible that every action, for Cancer, is so complicated and confusing? Unfortunately, we cannot give you
the answer. We can only tell you that Cancers are generally very confusing!

Everything must be analyzed and reanalyzed to the point of unbelievable: Cancers are very confused people who do nothing but ask themselves: ” But will I have made the right choice ?”.
Unfortunately, this often reflects on their lives in a decidedly negative way: it is impossible to make them understand that they should be regulated!

Gemini: third place

Dear Gemini, you knew very well that you would find yourself in today’s horoscope chart, right? Gemini is some of the most confused and disorganized people on the face of the Earth. No wonder they are in the ranking of the most confusing zodiac signs in life!

We should say, though, that Gemini doesn’t have a problem with being confused. Yes, there are times when, in the evening, they struggle to fall asleep and problems seem to get the better of them.
We certainly can’t say that Geminis get remorseful: for them, moving forward is just a matter of being completely free from responsibilities and problems.
When they run away from a situation, they simply leave others to drown in confusion while they … well, they wallow in it!

Pisces: second place

Even those born under the sign of Pisces are quite confused by life: but why should they think about it when they can sink into their fairy world?
Let’s understand, this is not a criticism: it is true, however, that Pisces prefer to imagine a future, to live on aesthetics and beauty rather than on bread and rules!

Those born under this sign, therefore, often do not realize how wide the scope of their confusion is, precisely because they have no one to help them measure it!
For Pisces, being confused is truly a way to move forward in life: something will pop out at a given moment. No need to worry about it first!

For Pisces, therefore, plans and paths that are good for everyone else are useless.
We would like to be able to say that there is a method in their “madness” but it would be a lie: Pisces are free souls … and better this way, right?

Sagittarius: First place in the ranking of the most confusing zodiac signs in life

A plan? And what would that be?
Do not talk to those born under the sign of Sagittarius about rulesdeadlines, and ideas for the future: they do not have any and, above all, they do not want to have any!
those born under the sign of Sagittarius are among the people most confused by life … or rather, by how others take it!

For the Sagittarius, it is almost impossible to plan and know what will happen in their life.
They find it useless and counterproductive and just can’t understand why others do it: but who needs all this precision and clarity?
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are like this: they hate having to deal with well-regulated plans and live following the adventure.

Too bad, however, that this often leads them to have considerable problems… understanding their own life!
They solve everything by simply turning a deaf ear: they do not think about the future and, therefore, do not think about the consequences of their confusion . Better not to put a Sagittarius on the spot: he who knows how he might react!

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