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Find out how much confusion you have in the sentimental field based on your zodiac sign.

When it comes to love and in particular interpersonal relationships, the way of managing things can vary from person to person. If on the one hand, some pursue this feeling as if it were the most coveted of treasures, on the other there are those who, instead, disdain it, claiming to be better off alone. Two radical opposites whose meeting point is given by confused people who find themselves changing their minds day by day and who in doing so end up complicating existing relationships as well.

Since the way of living love and the confusion about what you want can vary based on many aspects, among which the influence that the stars have on each of us stands out, today after having seen what the thing is that many zodiac signs do not know and that can improve their lives and what excites in love each sign of the zodiac, we will find out how confused the zodiac signs are about love.

Astrology: how confused you are in love according to the stars

Aries – Very confused
Yes, although you are more than sure that you have very clear ideas regarding love, in truth feelings are a great unknown for you. The problem arises from the fact that if in theory, you dream of something when you are in the practical part you assume attitudes that lead to different results. Romantic and dreamer in front of films and novels to read, you find yourself wanting to experience stronger and stronger emotions when you find yourself in a relationship. Which most of the time leads you to make mistakes that end up collapsing all expectations. To change things you should first admit that you still don’t have clear ideas and try to understand what you want and why you always end up complicating stories that potentially seem perfect.

Taurus – Not at all confused
Your love for a safe life and the ability you have always had to agree on reason and feelings, lead you not to be confused about what you want from love. From an early age, you have the goal of finding your prince charming to live important adventures with him. The only big obstacle in all this can be your need to have fun while you are on time and that often leads you to confuse any partners who, on the one hand, expect a serious story, on the other hand, have to deal with a person who up to that moment has other things in mind. A solution to the problem could be knowing what part of your goal you want to live in at the moment, introducing yourself in the correct way to the eventual partner, and not creating the underlying confusion that risks bringing problems to the relationship. There is always time for your biggest dream and it is good to start talking about it only when you feel ready to give up everything else.

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Gemini – Moderately confused
For you who are used to living in the throes of often conflicting emotions, love is a real enigma to be solved day by day. It is therefore easy to understand that at least for the moment, clarifying what you want is a bit difficult. Perhaps the answer will come after a certain amount of experience, useful for understanding what you felt and what you want from life. At that point, the confusion that resides in you almost completely could begin to thin out and allow you to experiment with new ways, able to begin to know yourself better and understand how to live a relationship in a stable way and without too many emotional ups and downs.

Cancer – Half confused
Love for you has always been an important feeling. This means that you’re not all that confused about it. Your problem is that reality often turns out to be different from your expectations and this leads to some confusion. Your ideal relationship, in fact, often tends to clash with the real one. This partly depends on your rather high expectations and on the fact that if you tend to show yourself in a certain way, on the other hand, you turn out to be different in both desires and ways of doing. A possible solution to clear away the confusion? Accept yourself for who you are and show yourself more transparently. This will help you feel freer to experience the relationship as you wish and will also help those around you understand how to get along with each other. A solution that could make a difference.

Leo – Rarely confused
In your view of life, confusion is a feeling that you tend to experience very rarely. This depends on the fact that you are used to following clear ideas and carrying them forward until your goals are achieved. In the sentimental field, however, you tend to falter from time to time and this happens in particular when you find yourself having to choose which role to take with your partner. If on the one hand, you expect to always have control of the situation and a shoulder on which you can count, on the other you need someone who is equally determined and who shows himself strong and able to manage the situation. For this reason, to experience feelings more clearly, you should learn to accept a good middle ground that allows you to be yourself but to be able to entrust yourself, at least for certain things, to the person you love.

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Virgo – More confused than ever
It is clear that for a rational person like you, feelings are something really difficult. For this reason, being confused about it is more than normal. If on the one hand, you tend to think that love is just a hormonal response that has nothing to do with feelings, on the other hand inside you, like everyone else, you dream of feeling this emotion and when it happens you tend, absurdly, to completely abandon your proverbial rationality. For you, love is therefore like a leap into the void that you find hard to manage and that, consequently, you still struggle to understand. The only way to fully experience it is to accept it as it comes, trying to trust your heart and simply showing yourself for who you are, day after day.

Libra – Not confused
Your way of seeing things leads you to consider love as a feeling that is difficult to understand. For this reason, you don’t even try to understand it and this leads you to not feel that sense of confusion that you often see in others. Every so often, however, the confidence you show turns out to be just a kind of mask. Something you put on so as not to admit that letting yourself go completely to the emotions of such a feeling scares you to the point of always leaving you a little on your own. Learning to accept your emotions and making your own that little bit of the unknown that is always hidden behind a new feeling, can however help you to live with greater freedom both love in general and a possible relationship. Which would help you feel in control of yourself and finally free. A feeling that you can hardly feel in its entirety.

Scorpio – Anything but confused
For you who have always been particularly good at understanding what you feel, love is not a feeling you have clear ideas about. And, one of these is precisely that of wanting to experience at least a minimum of confusion. It is a game of contrasts to which you lend yourself more than willingly and that you can manage in its entirety. Certain that you want passionate, overwhelming love that is based on mutual trust, you tend to wait for the right person rather than throw yourself into stories that don’t make you as happy as you would like. When you meet love on your way, you, therefore, expect to be able to experience all the emotions attached to it. And among these, there is precisely the confusion given by falling in love, the uncertainties about how things will go, and everything else. This, absurdly, makes you happier than ever and therefore not at all confused.

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Sagittarius – More confused than you think
Love is a feeling that has always attracted you but that has too many unknowns for your way of being. When you find yourself thinking about it you are always divided between what you want in your dreams and what you need in real life. For this reason, although you are convinced otherwise, you are quite confused about everything that has to do with feelings. A good way to get out of it? Try to get to know yourself a little better by starting to accept who you are and avoiding showing yourself stronger or more independent than you are. In this way, in addition to finding the right person for you more easily, you can count on relationships at the base of which there is understanding and knowledge, essential for a relationship that can last over time.

Capricorn – Confused Enough
Although love does not play a central role in your life, you have some doubts about it that overall make you a little confused. However, it is confusing that you tend to live with positivity and with the awareness that certain things, such as feelings, are beautiful only if lived incompleteness. Of course, understanding exactly what you want from life and love is a good way to get at least some clarity in your heart. And that even applies to your mind. Until then, however, it will be enough to live things with relaxation to be able to ensure more or less peaceful relationships and ready to take flight when you will finally be able to show yourself 100% for who you are.

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Aquarius – Really Confused
Your degree of confusion when it comes to love is very high. This depends on your need for freedom which is mixed with an interest mixed with curiosity in everything related to human relationships. If on the one hand, you would like to live freely and without having any constraints of any kind, on the other hand, you always find yourself attracted to relationships that start because you are taken by curiosity and that over time you begin to feel like a prison. To live at your best you must manage to cope with this way of doing. And to do so, it is important to find the right balance. The one capable of at least partially clearing away the confusion that otherwise risks reigning over everything, preventing you from living happy relationships.

Pisces – Not confused
As a dreamer you are, you have been thinking about love almost forever. And this means that you are not at all confused about its dynamics nor about what you want about this feeling. When you find yourself experiencing it, you are therefore more than ready to grasp every aspect of it, and this is because you are quite sure of what you want and what you expect from a possible partner. For the rest, the unknowns that are part of the feeling do not scare you and, on the contrary, make everything appear even more interesting. The reason why, love is something that intrigues you, likes, and dreams about. Something you love to experience in its entirety and all without its natural ups and downs creating any kind of confusion in you.

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