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What is your love profile according to your zodiac sign 2022

Have you ever heard of the Six Ways to Love: Eros, Mania, Pragma, Storge, Agapê and Ludus, which describe our behavior in a relationship?

Those whose love profile is Eros prefer passionate love, those who belong to Pragma are practical and pragmatic in love as well as in other aspects of life and those whose love profile is Mania tend to be obsessed with their partner. .

For those who fall into Storge’s love profile, it’s intimacy, friendship, and loyalty that matter most in the relationship.

Agape’s love style is characterized by selfless love, while those whose love profile is Ludus generally shy away from commitment.

What you probably didn’t know is that your love profile is strongly linked to your astrological sign.



Aries loves the idea of ​​love more than they love the person they are with, which is typical of the Eros style of love.

You enjoy the pursuit and passion that love brings with you and you are willing to do anything just to keep your relationship from falling into a dead end.



Your stubbornness makes you cling to each relationship like it’s your last, which makes your zodiac sign into the Mania love profile.

You see the failure of your relationship as a personal defeat, and that’s something you find it hard to come to terms with.



As a Gemini, you are anything but a hopeless romantic. You have always put your sanity before your emotions and thanks to that you have avoided a lot of trouble in the past.



Cancer is a typical representative of the Mania profile in love. When you love someone, the whole world begins to revolve around that person and you become completely dependent on them emotionally.

This person gives your life meaning and you feel like you can’t get away without them, even if it’s far from the truth.



The Leo love style is the Storge. This means that loyalty and faithfulness are the first things you look for in a relationship.

Your romantic relationships are usually built on mutual trust and friendship, which makes them firm and stable.



If your astrological sign belongs to this love profile, then you are someone who believes in unconditional love, even if it is something that most people would not think of for a Virgo.

Nonetheless, when entering into a romantic relationship, you always put your partner’s needs first and do everything in your power to meet them.



Like Virgo, you are also a selfless romantic partner.

You need time to figure out if someone is worthy of your love and effort, but once you see that they are worthy of you, you give it your all, not holding back any part of yourself.



Scorpios love to play psychological games in a relationship and your partner never knows what to expect with you.

Manipulation is your area of ​​expertise and that is why your profile as a Scorpio man in love is Ludus.



Sagittarius shares the same love profile as Scorpio. You are not looking for commitment and you like to jump from one relationship to another.



If you are Capricorn, your love style is similar to that of a Gemini.

You rarely go with the flow, and you never let your heart guide you when your brain tells you otherwise.

Capricorns put logic in front of their emotions, which means that your love profile is Pragma.



Even if at first glance you don’t have much in common with Leo, in real life you both share the same love profile.

You’re not interested in short, trivial stories – you’re looking for the real deal and you won’t settle for anything less.



You are also one of the signs that belong to the love profile of Mania.

When you fall in love you become slightly obsessed with each other and everything that happens in your relationship has a profound impact on your mind.

In other words, the way things are between you and your partner is your main criteria for how you feel in general.

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