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How To Thrive While Social Distancing Based Upon Your Zodiac Sign

This can be a very tough time for all of us. We may feel like we are in pain and there is no way where we can be productive or find ways to live life like before. But you don’t have to stress so much, it is a phase and it will come to an end. And we have come up with some interesting tips that can help you to grow, flourish even during this social distancing phase. Here are some challenges while social distancing by zodiac signs we have discussed and even some interesting strategies that will help you to thrive, so let’s follow as to how to thrive while social distancing by zodiac signs.


Aries, you are a fire sign with lots and lots of energy. The challenge for you is that you are feeling stuck, you are not being able to spin, run, and enjoy or land up on all the opening nights. You are finding it difficult to use this abundant energy.

What you can do is to make the best use of this popping out energy. It is very essential for you to channel this fire, if not you may combust. Try to make efforts by creating space or an environment in your home where you can work out, where you can dedicate yourself to working out. All you need is to create such an environment. You can make effective use of loud music and a daily exercise class can keep you active and pumped.


Taurus, you are an earth sign being in love with comfort. You are a sign that craves worldly comfort. In this social distancing situation, you may find it very difficult and painful when you are not able to visit your favorite restaurant and order a delicious meal or a glass of wine. You love materialistic things and not being able to do shopping can be another challenge for you.

What you can do is keep yourself busy by learning new recipes or start taking an online cooking class. Start calling up friends for a visual dinner party, it can give you some sense of comfort. You are a productive sign so you can start doing something productive, start creating as it is a way as to how to thrive during this situation.


Gemini, you are a mutable sign, being ruled by speedy Mercury. Sticking to one place for a long can be one of the nightmares you are living now. It can be incredibly difficult for you to be in one place for too long. You are a sign who craves variety, you want a variety of locale and there is a need for mental stimulation to develop.

What you can do is to engage in some learning activity. You can take up a class to learn a new skill or can launch your own blog, create something of your own. It is a big chance for you to truly cultivate, be productive, and share your voice, your opinion.


Cancer, you are a sensitive, emotional water sign. One of the most challenging things for you right now is the fact that you are not being able to see your dear ones, some close friends, closed ones. And this can be one of the hardest parts of these times. You are feeling detached.

What you can do is, call them up. Start scheduling video calls or engage in engaging groups chats though it won’t be the same, it will help you a bit to deal with your emotions. It can even help you to stay nurtured and you can discuss your feelings this way


Leo, you want attention, you want your own attention. One of the challenges for Leo is not being able to dress up. Like Aries even Leo is feeling stuck, they are not getting a fabulous place to go. You are ruled by the sun and thrives for attention and glamour is a part of it. But now you are not getting that.
What you can do is dress up to impress yourself and get your own attention at least. Find a way or give a reason to yourself to be out of that pajamas. Make use of social media, upload pictures as this attention and appreciation may make you feel better.


Virgo, you are an organized and workaholic being. The challenge that you are facing during this situation is having a lack of schedule and accountability and that can leave you with a feeling of loss since you are ruled by busy Mercury. You want some busy schedule to be a workaholic.
What you can do is you can play with your mind. You can do well if you used some time tracking apps and alarms and implement the latest efficiency hacks into your life. Try to take up a new project. Start engaging in things that may keep your workaholic attitude keep going.


Libra, you love art. The biggest challenge for you during this period is that since you are ruled by Venus, your soul desires to experience beauty, to feel it through aesthetics and socializing. And it can be very difficult in this quarantine so here you need to try out something.

What you can do is indulge in beauty rituals. Be creative, so that it can give you a feeling of radiance. Try to create a playlist to share and start a daily gratitude group so that you can stay connected. These are the tips you can use as to how to thrive during this social distancing period.


Scorpio, overthinking is a part of you. And during this period it can get intense being alone for a longer period of time can get you sucked and it can make things worse. And you may isolate yourself this can make you feel low when friendly support would be more beneficial but you may not take it.

What you can do is to spend time with books. Since you crave depth and mystery, reading a long book can really keep you engage and happy at the same time. Not only reading but writing something interesting can help you to flourish during this period.


Sagittarius, you want adventures, you want something thrilling. The biggest challenge for you is the fact that you are stuck at home, neither you can travel nor do something adventurous. You are a feisty fire sign and you crave for adventures, to learn something new and fun.

What you can do is that you can at least learn. You can learn something new being in this quarantine. Enroll yourself in some class that can allow your mind to travel, you can get the feeling of traveling even if your body cannot but your mind can. Learn at the same time it will be fun.


Capricorn, you are an organized and productive being. The challenges for you during this quarantine can be the lack of structure and productivity. It can make you feel anxious or even directionless.

What you can do is you can create a plan, you need goals so set it. If you are not engaged in any work make sure you find one. Connect with people who can keep you motivated, driven. You are productive and you need to produce during this period so get busy with that. It is a way to develop during such a time.


Aquarius, you love society more than anything else. The challenge for you is you are trying to solve all the world’s problems by yourself being stuck in your devices. And when you feel overwhelmed you are likely to give up.

What you can do is, since the community or society as a whole is the key for you. You can share ideas and it is essential for you as it is values and a life mission for you. Start sharing ideas and get connected with people virtually, it can help you.


Pisces, you are a sensitive sign. You are an empathic water sign and you can get lost in the collective fears and emotions at times, even on those that are not fully yours.

What you can do is art, being creative is a way for you. Be it dancing, writing, or doing some other creative work, it can keep you engage and it is essential for you. It will give you flow, you can even spend time in morning rituals as it can help you to protect your energy.

It is some of the ways to flourish, grow, thrive while social distancing by zodiac signs. Follow them wisely it will be a great help to deal with the situation.

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