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Christmas is running out, let’s take stock of what has been reserved for us and what still awaits us on a sentimental level in December.

What are your predictions in love for this Christmas ?. Each astrological sign this Christmas will discard its packed full of emotions. All the details in the article.

The month of December is coming to an end, how did this month go from a sentimental point of view? Let’s make a summary of the month and find out what still awaits us in these last days of December.

Christmas 2021, astrological forecasts in love

December 2021, astrologers suggest that love is in the air, everywhere! All the signs of the zodiac will benefit from the influences of love. This Christmas there will be a small miracle and if we manage to put ourselves in the right condition, love will overwhelm us too. Leave the doors of the heart open! The time is favorable to strengthen old bonds and to forge new ones.

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According to astrologers and their love predictions, this Christmas is very promising. So let’s find out the love horoscope for all astrological signs:


For the past few months, this sign has been living in the fire. There have been many disputes in the family, but they seem to be a thing of the past. Since the beginning of December, Aries has returned to smile and this Christmas will continue to live in total serenity. If you are single this Christmas will give you a lot of wisdom with which to wisely choose the person most suitable for you and crown a dream of love.

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There are new perspectives on the horizon, especially in the sentimental field. At Christmas, you will receive a load of sweetness, attention, and affection. If you are single, take advantage of the positive waves of your current energy to convene the meeting that will radically change your love life.

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For the sign of Gemini, some sentimental turbulence is expected, nothing that cannot be remedied, and who knows that it is not good to give a shock to your relationship since you hate routine. This Christmas gives you common sense and good intuition, use them to your advantage.

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The month of December has brought a tremendous form of Cancer that has never felt better than it does this past month. From a sentimental point of view, you will have noticed that love accompanies your every step. All your relationships, couples, friendships, and family are under this positive influence. This Christmas gives you a cool head so you don’t panic about the changes that are about to come. The best awaits you, you just have to leave the passage open.

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The sign of Leo in December was very busy working speaking. At Christmas, your work will continue to intrude on your love life but luckily for you, your partner will be particularly understanding.

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Virgo is going through a turbulent time in love. Throughout December he felt gripped by doubts and suspicions but from December 16 the situation began to change and at Christmas, a renewed confidence awaits you that will definitively appease the doubts in your heart.

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Harmony is what this Christmas gives you if you are of the sign of Libra. You’ve been asking yourself a lot of questions lately about your chosen partner. Now is the time for clarity and you will feel all kinds of uncertainty flow away. Your heart is ripe, the feeling has evolved and grown.

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Scorpio this Christmas under the tree will find love and serenity. For him, there is no more beautiful gift than the happiness of his parents, and this Christmas he will bring it in wagonloads. The people he loves will see happiness flourish in the heart and will infect this usually reluctant sign that will drop all barriers.

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Sagittarius will find love at Christmas. This will happen if you are single. The stars advise you to plan many dates from the third week of December, a particularly favorable period for love. If Sagittarius is in a couple, the stars advise him to improve the couple’s relationship which needs more stability.

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For our Capricorn friends, adjustments will be expected. The object gives it to you, you like challenges and you will be able to face them with flying colors. However, your horoscope invites you not to neglect those who share your life.

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After December 10th Aquarius noticed a great improvement in their relationship with their loved one. Singles this Christmas will acquire the ability to take charge of their future, in the field of love and beyond. Christmas will bring you the wisdom that will be useful to crown your fulfillment, which will be your main leitmotiv at Christmas.

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December marked a new beginning for Pisces who noticed a renewed happiness in their heart. With this state of mind, Pisces may recognize love with greater happiness if they are single. Christmas will give him a unique charisma, you will be irresistible but always remember to ask the right questions before making important decisions.

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