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People who can help you and listen to you always and in any case are rare commodities, right? If you know one of the zodiac signs that are best at giving advice, however, you are already on the right path: whoever is in today’s horoscope ranking should be a therapist!

Tell us the truth: how many times has it happened to you to run and cry on the shoulder of that friend of yours or that of your friend at unlikely times of the night?
There are people in our lives who manage to make a difference. They listen to us at the right moments, they make it possible for us to let off steam and get rid of every problem and heaviness that we have inside, and then, instead of telling us to let them sleep or leave them alone, they also give us good advice.
But what have we done to deserve friends like that?
Today our horoscope ranking reveals to us which are the zodiac signs to which you can always ask for advice: do you think you are among them?

The zodiac signs best at giving advice on the whole horoscope: find out if you are in today’s ranking

If you’ve ever had to answer a tearful friend’s call at three in the morning, maybe you might be one of the people on today’s horoscope chart.
We have decided to talk about all those zodiac signs that are good at giving advice and that, in life, they should sincerely think about starting a career as a therapist.
We need it!

Let’s see together what are the five zodiac signs that it is really useful to have as friends since they would always help you in any way.
They take charge of your problems, they listen without judging they are also able to give you great advice.
There isn’t any better than that!

Capricorn: fifth place

Well yes, dear Capricorns, perhaps you did not expect to find yourself in the ranking of the zodiac signs able to give excellent advice, and yet you are there.
Your advice is excellent from a practical point of view as you are intelligent, organized and oriented to the maximum production with the minimum of effort… but there is not only this!

Capricorns can give great advice and, above all, listen carefully to others.
Of course, they only do it with the people they love but this is not important: know that they are truly excellent advisors!

Aquarius: fourth place

How not include those born under the sign of Aquarius in our horoscope ranking today? Aquarius are people who often receive confidence in a completely spontaneous way: other people are attracted to Aquarius and their way of doing!

The reason that makes Aquarians so capable of understanding the secrets of others is that they are people who can give really good advice.
Outspoken, awake, sharp, and able to tell you exactly what you need (and not what you want to hear). Aquarians are truly excellent advisors!

Cancer: third place

Dear  Cancers, you know very well that you are people who do not disdain to help others, quite the contrary.
You are always ready to listen and know how to advise truly (almost) no one else. Those born under the sign of Cancer are people capable of making others always feel at ease and home.

It is no coincidence that they are in the ranking of the zodiac signs best at advising on the whole horoscope!
The only downside of Cancers is that often and willingly, in their attempt to give you advice, they end up dominating the conversation by making you feel like a real fool if you don’t do as they say.
Cancers are like this: they try to help you but, in the meantime, they end up putting you in trouble!

Scorpio: second place

A surprise at the top of our horoscope ranking today: Scorpio earns the second position in the ranking of the zodiac signs best at giving advice! Scorpios are extremely staid people and able to make some not-so-simple reasoning.

For this reason, therefore, those born under the sign of Scorpio are also absolutely capable of helping others to see a road where, instead, there seems to be only one wall! Scorpios
are people who always know what the right practical solution to a situation is and who do not disdain even giving emotional or emotional advice.

While they seem downright cold or unable to feel (two misconceptions about Scorpios that we should start debunking), Scorpios are capable of giving great sentimental advice. We don’t want to say it but they are (almost) always right!

Libra: first place in the ranking of the zodiac signs best at giving advice

Yes, dear friends of Libra, you are at the top of our ranking today! Libra is a sign that gives great advice – we absolutely can’t pretend it’s not true!

Armed with the fact that they are generally highly experienced people, capable of taking the best out of all their friends, Libras are extremely wise and sensible people. Fortunately, they are not also part of the most persuasive zodiac signs in the whole horoscope: who knows what they could convince you to do!

Advice from a Libra (when she hasn’t disliked you, hoping she isn’t also one of the signs of the zodiac who loves drama more than anything else in the world ) is truly valuable.

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