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Horoscope For The Week Of October 9-15. Aries Can Go Through A Breakup

The solar eclipse in Libra, on October 14, brings a necessary release. The transformations and endings usually caused by eclipses are dramatic and spectacular, but this one gives us an amicable and pleasant ending.

This week is sprinkled with many other important astral aspects:

Venus leaves Leo and enters the sign of Virgo, which causes us to show our love through pragmatic gestures.

Pluto resumes its direct movement on October 10 and brings back to the surface obsessions and conflicting emotions that have remained dormant since April.

Mars enters Scorpio on October 12 and puts an end to the indecision specific to Libra.

Discover the horoscope for the week of October 9-15 for your zodiac sign:


Eclipses are usually symbolic separations, but for you, it could be a separation. The solar eclipse on October 14 takes place in your relationship sector and forces you to make a final decision regarding an important partnership. Even if it is not a separation, it is a moment to regain your strength and find more balance in your relationship.


When was the last time you dedicated a whole day to a hobby? Venus, the planet that rules your sign, enters Virgo and your pleasure sector on October 8 and urges you to return to your passions, rediscover your hobbies, or find new ones. Spending time doing what you like helps you disconnect, especially since the solar eclipse on October 14 brings a stressful situation related to work, health, or pets.


This week will not be an easy one for you. Libra season is usually the most pleasant time of the year for you, but this time it seems that everything you liked before now leaves a bitter taste. This state reaches maximum heights on October 14, with the solar eclipse in Libra. If what brought you joy in the past no longer satisfies you now, it’s time to find new favorite activities.


For some zodiac signs, the aspect of eclipses that refer to cleaning and releasing is more of a metaphor, but for you, this eclipse boils down to actually cleaning. The solar eclipse on October 14 takes place in your home sector and brings the need to free yourself from dramas related to family, flatmates, or owners. It is the right time to deal with the redevelopment and reorganization of the house.


Solar eclipses affect you more than others because the sun is the star that rules your sign. It is possible to feel low on energy, exhausted, and put in the shade this week. You don’t feel like doing anything and most likely skip any social obligation that is not necessary. True friends will understand that you need rest and rest.


The solar eclipse in Libra on October 14 takes place in your money sector and will bring attention to how you currently earn your living. Whether you are trying to set up your own business, be a freelancer, or look for a better job, it seems that there are many possibilities, but you are still running out of money. The opportunities that appear this week will help you see much more clearly what your next moves are.


The solar eclipse on October 14 takes place in your sign and brings attention to your identity, image, and health. If everyone else is reviewing their home and family life, career, or dating apps, for you it’s about a transformation on a personal level. Whether it is a change of look or a transformation of the wardrobe after this week you will have a new vision of your style.


For you, there is a week ahead that you prefer to spend as secluded as possible, quietly and away from the eyes of the world. The solar eclipse on October 14 takes place in your subconscious sector, and even if you feel like everyone is mad at you, it may be only in your mind. Wait and trust that things will be better next week. After Mars, the planet that rules your sign enters your sign on October 12, you will feel yourself again.


You have already felt for a long time that a breakup is coming in your group of friends, and the solar eclipse on October 14th brings a definitive break. It may seem like a dramatic move at the moment to leave a discussion group, give up planning an event, or decline an invitation to a party, but you are making choices that will bring more calm and peace to your life in the long term.


The solar eclipse on October 14 takes place in your sector of career and public image and marks a clear point in your professional life. In the past, you were very focused on your professional success, but now you feel that your home or expanding your family represents the most important parts of your life. Observe the opportunities that are offered to you now to simplify your path and to feel that you are in better control.


An important theme this year for you was saving, to fulfill an important dream. This week you feel the acute need to take a big step, such as launching your own business, buying a house, or planning your honeymoon. In a way, you feel that everything is aligning, but on the other hand, you have the feeling that everything is falling apart. Before making an important move, take a step back and ask yourself if you are excited or if it is just an impulse or adrenaline of the moment.


The solar eclipse on October 14 is the perfect moment to free yourself from the financial or emotional baggage that is holding you back. Relationships have become complicated, and bills are overdue, but you will not solve these problems if you sit and think about the difficulties of the past. It’s time to bring all your fears to the surface and face them face to face. You will see that they are not as big as you thought.

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