Find out if the new year has good things in store for you in terms of love. Find out how the zodiac signs and love will fare in 2022.

Love is an important part of any of our lives. He helps us to maintain emotional balance, supports us in difficult times and gives us the courage to face the day to day.

However, love does not always have a happy ending and, therefore, 2022 will be a year of passions for some and disaffection for others. The Zodiac tells you what you can expect this year as far as matters of the heart are concerned, taking into account your sign.

Curious to know if this is the right year to end that relationship that no longer has flame? Or will it be this year that you will discover the great love of your life? Realize the influences that will dominate your sign and that can explain why this is the right year to fall in love or if, on the other hand, it is a year of loneliness and little given to new loves.

Zodiac: the signs and love in 2022


This will not be a happy year for the natives of this sign when it comes to love. If on a professional level the Aries/Aries will be successful, the same cannot be said of relationships. If you are thinking of conquering someone, take advantage of the period when you are under the influence of Jupiter, that is, between May 10th and October 28th. Take advantage of the courage, daring and energy of this period.


The natives of Taurus will be on the rise in love, although throughout the year there may be a need for changes and ruptures. It is therefore likely that some relationship will end and another will begin, or that there will be a change in the direction of the present relationship. So take advantage of the eclipses, which will take place on May 16th, October 25th and November 8th.


This is the work year for Gemini/Gemini. Not for love. However, if you want to invest in your love life, you should take advantage of the passage of Venus through Gemini/Gemini, which will happen between the 22nd of June and the 17th of July. At this stage, it will be easier to conquer. So invest in beauty and your appearance, because it’s time to rock!


This is a year to bet on relationships, even the ones you already have. It is necessary to rethink the way to love and to be loved. The influence of Venus will help to conquer and attract love.


2022 can be a year of good and bad for Lions. Everything will depend on the natives of this sign. It is necessary to have a reflective and responsible attitude to reap good results in the issues of love.


This is a good year for Virgo in terms of love. Therefore, it is likely that you fall in love and from there a beautiful and long relationship is born. Those who are already in a relationship can see this one end, as a more interesting opportunity arises.


Between May 10th and October 28th, the natives of this sign will have good opportunities to start a new relationship or turn around their current relationship. This will be a very favorable year for passions, even if fleeting. So it’s a case to say: make the most of it


In 2022, Jupiter will influence Scorpio and, therefore, new loves will appear. It is also a year in which you must change the way you relate to others. If you already have a relationship, then you may experience some difficulties in relating.


Between May 10th and October 28th, the natives of this sign will have all the conditions to start a new relationship or give a twist to their current relationship. 4

However, keep in mind that from October 30th onwards, things change and you may even find it difficult to relate to others. So take advantage of the most favorable period.


Capricorn is going to love it a lot this year. If you want to start a new relationship, then take advantage of the April and November eclipses. Those who are already in a relationship should invest more in romanticism in order to rekindle the flame.


This can be a lonely year for these natives. To counter this trend, you should take advantage of eclipses. If you do, you will be able to establish fixed and serious commitments, just as you like. Enjoy the influence of Venus, which will be felt between March 6th and April 5th.


The Jupiter influence can help Pisces to be more successful in love in 2022. However, the best month for love will be April, when you are under the influence of Jupiter and Neptune. These influences bring luck, faith, spirituality and protection.

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