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Do you want to sleep better? Find out which position suits you best based on your zodiac sign.

Sleeping well is very important for our psycho-physical health. Getting up tired or, even worse, in pain is in fact a way to start the day with listlessness and sometimes even in a bad mood. Among the many solutions that can be put into practice when you do not sleep well, there is also that of changing your position.

In fact, that choice does not always prove to be suitable. And since in some ways, even the stars can influence us from this point of view, today after having seen which are the zodiac signs to marry, we will find out which position to choose before going to sleep.

What position you should sleep in based on your zodiac sign

Aries – Face Up
The face-up position is the one that suits you best. It allows you to rebalance the weight on the mattress, helping you to relax. The rest in this way will be more pleasant and certainly more profound. Even better if you choose a suitable pillow to support the head.

Taurus – Sideways
For you, at night the positions change often. The side one, however, is usually the one where you feel best. In fact, it represents the best way to fall asleep and to feel in tune with yourself. Always use warm, snug blankets and you’ll sleep even better.

Gemini – Star
The star position best represents you and allows you to move continuously without changing your starting position too much. Simple to take, it will help you stretch your legs and arms as much as you need to rest well.

Cancer – On your stomach and arms outstretched
Sleeping on your stomach makes you feel good and doing it with your arms stretched out at your sides definitely helps you achieve deep sleep. This way you will feel more relaxed and wake up more rested than ever in the morning.

Leo – On your stomach with your arms under your pillow
At night you need to feel collected and protected and sleeping on your stomach has this effect. Even better if you keep your arms under the pillow. You will sleep peacefully and wake up in a good mood. Ready to face a new day in the best possible way.

Virgo – On Both Hips
At night you need to move and the best way to rest is to start on one side and continue on the other. Doing so will be completely natural and will help you sleep soundly and relax enough for restorative rest.

Libra – Face Up and Arms on Belly
A good way to sleep and fall asleep is to lie on your stomach and keep your arms on your stomach. This way you will feel protected and relaxed and you will be able to sleep in a sound sleep. Just what you need to wake up fresh and perky.

Scorpio – Belly up and with legs slightly bent
The most suitable position for you is the half star position or belly up but with the legs slightly bent. The arms will go where they happen but most of the time they will remain on the stomach or near the hips. In any case, you will sleep well and wake up more than rested.

Sagittarius – Belly-down The belly-
the down position is mainly suitable for you, perhaps with the head turned to the side. In this way, in fact, you will be able to fully enjoy a peaceful and restorative sleep. Even better if you use earplugs and an eye mask.

Capricorn – Sideways and with the arms under the head
This position, not always comfortable, represents the one in which you fall asleep best. At the same time, it is a way that makes you feel safe and allows you to rest well given the many commitments that await you for the next day.

Aquarius – Face Up and Head Sideways
The best way to sleep? Face up and with your head to the side. It will make you feel better, especially if you have an ergonomic and soft pillow with you. This way you will relax and fully enjoy a restful sleep.

Pisces – In the fetal position
The position that suits you best is undoubtedly the fetal one. Simple to take, it will make you feel protected enough to make you sleep better. To make it even more comfortable you should have plenty of blankets that can create a real comfort zone around you.

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