Zodiac Signs

The Red Flag Every Sign Should Watch Out for in June.


Watch out for people who make and break promises. Remember, their words mean nothing if their actions aren’t backing it up. Be careful about trusting people who never seem to follow through on what they originally said and always leave you feeling disappointed.


Watch out for people who accuse you of doing the things that they’re doing themselves. This can be a way for them to shift the blame onto you without accepting any responsibility themselves. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking you’re the bad one when they’re the ones causing the pain.


Watch out for people who repeatedly guilt trip you into giving them what they want. Don’t let their tears pressure you into changing your mind. You don’t owe them anything, so stand your ground.


Watch out for people who can never get their story straight. Little white lies might seem harmless, but if they’re willing to lie to you on a smaller scale, they might lie about bigger things too. If someone has proven they can’t be trusted, it’s okay to walk away.


Watch out for people who are inconsistent and fickle. Canceling plans once isn’t a big deal, but if they’re always ignoring your messages and canceling plans at the last second, you don’t need that type of stress.


Watch out for people who put you down and make you feel small. Your friends and family should be building you up, not tearing you down. Don’t waste your time with people who leave you feeling drained and undesirable.


Watch out for people who go MIA whenever life gets hard. Your real friends are the ones who let you cry on their shoulders. The ones who will stick by your side through the hardest moments of your life. If they only want to hang out when things are sunshine and rainbows, maybe they don’t deserve your attention at all.


Watch out for people who refuse to compromise with you. You shouldn’t always be the one making sacrifices and giving in to others. Real friends should be willing to meet you halfway and compromise with you.


Watch out for people who refuse to support any of your choices. Only surround yourself with people who uplift you and encourage you. They should be cheering you on, not spreading doubt and hatred.


Watch out for people who only come around when it’s convenient for them. Your relationship shouldn’t run on their schedule. You should be setting aside time for each other and showing up for each other, even when it might be inconvenient.


Watch out for people who are always mad at you about something. Chances are, you aren’t causing constant problems. They’re simply creating constant drama. Or you’re simply incompatible. Either way, you’re better off keeping your distance.


Watch out for people who try to control your every move. You are in charge of your own choices. They don’t get to decide what you do with your time, what you wear, or who you consider a friend. That is up to you and you alone.

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