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Let’s find out immediately what is the ranking of the five most jealous signs of the zodiac: you certainly don’t want to find your partner among them, right?

Yes, jealous people still exist and, indeed, they are everywhere!
Imagine having a partner who constantly peeks at your phone, who analyzes the direction of your gaze every time on the street, or who simply has no qualms about acting extremely jealous.

Today’s horoscope ranking will help us to reveal which are the zodiac signs that cannot help but give in to jealousy. It’s not that you and your partner are among them, are you?

The most jealous signs of the zodiac: here is the horoscope ranking

There is nothing to do: when the green-eyed monster (Shakespeare called him that, we are not the poets) strikes, the jealous ones reveal themselves for what they are. Um, no come on we don’t mean that they are monsters but just that, simply, they are victims of this very ugly feeling!

For years, we have been taught that being jealous is a real form of love: if your partner isn’t jealous of you, then he doesn’t love you.
Nothing more wrong!
Jealous people are generally plagued by frightening insecurity that leads them to ” take revenge ” on all those around them.

Stars and planets can give us a hand and make us discover which are the most jealous zodiac signs of the whole horoscope.
Always better to know first that your partner could suddenly become a real inquisitor, don’t you think?
Remember this: jealousy does not mean love. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

Pisces: fifth place

Those born under the sign of Pisces have little to ignore: they are very jealous when they get involved!
The Pisces are generally people who can hide very well their insecurity. In love, however, it often becomes very complicated for them to ignore it!

The Fish will demonstrate their jealousy with some joke or jibe well thought out, which will hit the other when they least expect it.
Maybe you criticize the person that you like, or simply try to understand if you do not love them more in the way of all sudden. Attention!

Aquarius: fourth place

Even Aquarius are certainly not people who do not give in to jealousy, quite the contrary! This is a sign that knows to be in four for the other and that, therefore, when he begins to doubt the true intentions of the people who love it even starts to become the doubts biting.
Also exacerbated by “everything he does for others”, the Aquarius can quickly turn into a jealous AOC!

She rummages in the drawer, in your conversations on WhatsApp, or simply looks for evidence of your alleged treason.
His jealousy often expected that the time is ripe before you put on tight!

Cancer: third place

Although it may seem strange to find them “only” in third place in today’s ranking, those born under the sign of Cancer are very jealous.
For them, emotional honesty and intellectual are pretty much everything and, since they are the real experts when it comes to emotions, often tend to think also for others.

Accustomed to reading in the behavior of others, those born under the sign of Cancer are also equipped with an excellent radar for lies or changes in emotions.
Here, then, that Cancer does not mind “going crazy” when he perceives that something has changed between you.
Be careful: not only can smascherarvi but they can also make life a real and own hell!

Gemini: second place

The Twins earn almost the top spot today jealous of the signs of the zodiac. Only for a whisker, I’m not at the top!
Those born under the sign of Gemini are often people who are very unable to say what they want when they want it.

For this reason, therefore, they often and inexplicably become very jealous!
Let’s explain it better: Geminis do nothing but pretend that they have no feelings for someone, to avoid looking uncool or losing that ground they have hardly earned.
This often exposes them to a truly dangerous situation.

By dint of pretending that they do not care about others, then, the Gemini find themselves having to behave as if they were not jealous.
In the meantime, however, they become real spies able to follow you on the street, get inside your phone, and read your conversations.
Beware of Gemini: they never say what they are!

Taurus: first place in the ranking of the most jealous signs of the zodiac

At the top of our ranking, we could only put all those born under the sign of Taurus.
Do you have a relationship of some kind ( sentimental or friendly ) with a Taurus? Well, then beware: they are mortally jealous of you, in a very unhealthy way!

The Taurus is often extremely critical people both towards others and… well, towards themselves!
Those born under this sign, therefore, are also very insecure and convinced that others want to abandon them at any moment.
For this reason, therefore, the Taurus is often asphyxiating and unbearable.

They get to make inelegant gestures and go to great lengths to demolish the other people in your life.
They want you only for them and they will never stop ” fighting ” for you: of course, using all the worst methods in the world, though!

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