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The month of April kicks off the zodiac sign of Taurus. Let’s discover all the characteristics of those born under this zodiac sign.

On April 20 we officially enter the month of Taurus which is the second sign of the zodiac.
Known for its calm and love for the pleasures of life, this sign hides many interesting peculiarities.

Let’s find out the main ones and learn more about who was born under this sign of the zodiac. Always remember that the calculation of the ascendant is also important to get to know a person better.

Taurus identity card
 From April 21 to May 20
Dominant planet: Venus
Color of the sign: Blue
Stone brings good luck: Green jade
Flower of the sign: The rose
Lucky day: Friday

All about the astrological sign of Taurus

In general, those born under the sign of Taurus are people who tend to be calm and who always appear calm and calm. Just seeing them gives others a sense of tranquility and this mostly depends on their way of dealing with both others and life itself.

One of the characteristics that distinguish people born under this sign is the love for the pleasures of life which usually translate into a passion for good food, wine, and social relationships. Very close to others, they are at the same time in need of first getting to know each other, and to do so, at times, it can take a while.

What they need to be able to live peacefully is the possibility of always remaining in what they define as the person’s comfort zone and which usually includes their home or environments that they think are comfortable and the presence of relatives and loved ones.

Although relaxed, when they feel that something is worth living, they are ready to concentrate their forces to obtain it. This means that under certain circumstances they can get more resolute and even combative and that just depends on how involved they are at the moment.

Another peculiarity that concerns the natives of the sign is the high aesthetic sense that often is combined with artistic skills able to push them towards painting, singing, or cooking.
All things they do only as long as they bring them serenity. Because the natives of Taurus always and only aim to feel good. For this reason, it is difficult to see them in areas that do not belong to them.

The bull in work and study

In the workplace, as well as in those related to study, the natives of the sign are once again particularly calm. At times, their way of making them seem almost listless. But this is a mere error of assessment because in reality they always know what they are doing and especially when to give their best to get what they want.

When it comes to studying, they tend to prefer longer journeys to enjoy the years in full serenity before diving completely into the world of work. In this way, they can better study their surroundings, learn as much as they can and prepare themselves psychologically for the world of work.

Working speaking, they are excellent colleagues, willing to socialize and at the same time calm but able to work with the right commitment. If things go well they can contribute to a healthier working environment while when they feel threatened in some way, they don’t waste time showing a part of themselves that is usually hidden but decidedly aggressive.

Whether it is study or work, they are particularly suited to everything related to art but they tend to prefer sectors that can give them certain economic stability. The possibility of a second job or a hobby that if well cultivated can become an economic source capable of convincing them to give themselves completely to what they love most should not be excluded.

The bull between friendship and love

Those born under the sign of Taurus are sociable people and so pleasant that they always have a crowd of people orbiting around them. By loving being among people, they, therefore, end up having several friends even if for them there is a basic distinction between the people with whom they have social relationships and those who they consider friends.

Very linked to the need to have a personal circle on which to rely, they bet a lot on the family, considering their closest friends as such and relegating all the others to simple acquaintances. This will lead them to always be friendly and kind to everyone but only truly open up to those they consider part of the world they care about.

The attitude they have in friendship is also replicated in love although in an even more restrictive way. While they do not disdain minor stories, as long as they are not sure of the person they have at their side, they tend to keep a certain distance which in the long run can become a source of tension within the couple.

When they get to establish a special relationship based on trust, however, they end up getting involved to the point of wanting to have a family with the chosen person as soon as possible.
Difficult to predict in this sense, in love they are therefore a real unknown.
What matters most is that they can always be trusted, at least as long as they are among the most loved ones.

The natives of Taurus are therefore special people in their own way. Excellent friends and always well disposed towards those they love.
Their willpower is truly infinite and ready to emerge whenever they feel it is needed. Although able to fight, when they can they prefer to live peacefully and indulge in all the relaxation they can. After all, being happy and enjoying a peaceful and comfortable life is what they aspire to most and at the same time the thing they aim for throughout their lives.

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