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Zodiac Signs Who Envy Their Friends’ Successes, Pretending To Be Happy For Them

Whoever belongs to one of these zodiac signs pretends to be happy for your successes, in reality, they would have wanted a miserable failure.

Have you ever had the impression that someone was not happy with your successes? Imagine the scene: you’ve gotten a promotion at work or you’ve finally completed your studies, and all the people you care about the most are around you and hug you, with faces full of smiles and sweet words towards you. Are you sure that, among all those people, there can’t be someone envious of your happiness? Yet it often happens to find false friends on our path, more false than a thirty euro banknote! They pretend to be happy for your joys and instead, talk behind your back.

These people are full of envy, but they go to great lengths to hide it. How do you know if you have someone around who behaves like this? As we have already done in the past, also in this case we will ask our star friends for a hand. Indeed, one’s zodiac sign can hide various details of an individual’s character, and this is precisely the topic of the day. Today we will deal with the ranking of the most envious zodiac signs, those who smile at you when you achieve success, but who plot behind your back to hurt you. We will focus only on the podium, do you think your sign deserves to be among the top three in the rankings? Scroll the text down and you will know.

The most envious zodiac signs: here is the ranking

Soon you will have the opportunity to find out which is the ranking of the most envious zodiac signs of the successes of others. Before doing so, it is important to specify a small detail: this ranking, just like all the others, has been drawn up taking into consideration the most important characteristics of the various signs. You don’t have to be upset if you see your mark on the podium, take everything lightly, even if sometimes the stars can hold big surprises. For example, would you have ever thought that Capricorn is the most nostalgic sign of all?

Cancer: in third place in the ranking we have the sign of Cancer. Those born under this sign of the zodiac are very empathic and sensitive but often feel envious of their friends. Cancer can’t stand the successes of others, especially when there are problems in their life. He sincerely would like to see loved ones rejoice at him, but he would like to share these victories with them. Instead, he often happens to be a spectator and this is a role he doesn’t like at all.

Leo: in second place in the standings we find the sign of Leo. Those who belong to this sign of the zodiac are very competitive. He always feels picked on and thinks every time someone is mad at him. Leo can’t stand the triumphs of others because he wants to be the center of attention. How dare her friend celebrate her graduation? Those born under this sign want all eyes on them and compete with anyone who tries to move the spotlight elsewhere. Impossible to win a challenge with those born under this zodiac sign, it would be a waste of time and a useless waste of physical and mental energy.

Virgo: the highest step of the podium is occupied by the sign of Virgo. Those born under this sign love to control everything and everyone, they don’t miss a thing and they take care of all the details themselves. Virgo envies the happiness of her friends because she can’t control and manage it. She would like everyone to do everything she says and direct others along a set path, but it’s impossible and so she begins to envy her friends who achieve success on their strength. For those who belong to this sign, no success does not go through her advice.

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