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Can you laugh at yourself and don’t be offended if someone makes a joke? Perfect, then you will surely be one of the most self-deprecating signs of the zodiac!

Have you ever made a joke that targeted… yourself?
No, we’re not crazy but we’re just trying to figure out how many times you happen to be utterly self-deprecating.
How do you say? Do you feel like you are good enough?

Well, the ranking of the horoscope of today will reveal if you are a very self-deprecating person or if you like to take around the other but you in Albert when someone makes fun of you.
Stars and planets don’t lie: let’s get started?

The most self-deprecating signs of the zodiac: find out if yours is also in today’s ranking

Everyone has, sooner or later, made a joke about someone close to us. Maybe it’s a little bad or maybe just the right thing comes to your mind at the right time.

You have a laugh and then, quietly, you go further. Or maybe not?
Some people take particular offense when jokes are made about them and take it to death if someone laughs in front of them (or even behind them).

You, however, do not think you are like that, quite the contrary! You’re the first to joke and laugh about yourself and you always ridicule your worst flaws, aren’t you?
If so, we will certainly find in the ranking of today, that of the self-mocking zodiac signs of the zodiac … is not it?

Let’s find out right away the top five positions and if or how much you can fool yourself. We are sure that we will find some nice surprises in the ranking!

Aquarius: fifth place

Well yes, even if it doesn’t seem like it, we assure you that Aquarius can be very self-deprecating when they want!
The important thing, however, is never to be when they are in the company of people who do not fully appreciate.

If an Aquarius has never made a joke about himself in your presence, then, now you know the truth: not only does the Aquarius in question not respect you but you can be sure that behind your back he makes the most terrible jokes possible!

Cancer: fourth place

Even those born under the sign of Cancer generally do not mind making fun of themselves in front of others.
The reason is that, often, those born under the sign of Cancer love to make fun of everything and everyone, even and above all as soon as they know someone new!

For Cancer, teasing is a way to break the ice and get to know each other better. They do it when they are very embarrassed (that is, almost always) and, therefore, often end up exaggerating making everyone uncomfortable!

Gemini: third place

On the podium of the ranking of the most self-deprecating signs of the zodiac, we cannot fail to include those born under the sign of Gemini.
This is a sign that often puts itself in the spotlight even if, more often than not, it illuminates itself with negative light!

The twins often say to themselves the worst possible: a little is to exorcise their attitudes over the top and a little is their sense of humor, that few appreciate.
Those born under the sign of Gemini are like that: we do not put anything to tell the deepest evils that affect them to perfect strangers. If you laugh, the Gemini will be happy!

Capricorn: second place

But now, are Capricorns not sulky and taciturn besides being unable to joke about themselves?
Not, otherwise, they wouldn’t be in second place in our ranking today, don’t you think?

Those born under the sign of Capricorn are people who make fun of themselves a lot, especially in front of others.
They are among the most self-ironic zodiac signs of the horoscope and they certainly make no mystery of them: they are always laughing or joking!

The problem, if we want to find one, is that they don’t know the size and, therefore, when they start joking they don’t stop anymore.
They start from themselves and then move on to you and then yes, they are trouble! Those born under the sign of Capricorn can make fun of you for hours: will you be able to resist?

Sagittarius: first place in the ranking of the most self-deprecating signs of the zodiac

And finally, yes, in the first place of our ranking today we find all those born under the sign of Sagittarius.
They are the most self-deprecating of all the zodiac signs!

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are people who often focus on self-irony to win the favors of others.
They joke a lot about themselves and denigrate each other, almost to the point of exhaustion: you will end up going from laughing at and with them to feeling a sense of empathy and understanding that is not indifferent.

How did they do it? Simple, thanks to the fact that they are the most self-deprecating signs of the zodiac! A Sagittarius will always speak ill of themselves in public: they try to prevent your worst judgments but also to bring you, unconsciously, to their side.
They are true masters in this: eyes open when Sagittarius is around!

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