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The 4 Signs That Have the Hardest Time Finding a Life Partner

The planets complicate things and prevent these signs from finding love. They will face many obstacles, but it is not impossible.

If you are among the signs below, you have probably asked yourself many times how you are still single, while everyone else is in a relationship. Although you fall in love easily, things seem to get stuck at a certain point that you can’t get past. Communication with the other is difficult and causes overwhelming emotions, that you can hardly face. And yet, you try again and again, no matter how hard it is to get back on your feet.

It is not at all easy for you to find a life partner, but don’t give up, because you have so much to offer.


Love never works for you because of your unjustified jealousy, which “hits” you out of the blue. You allow it to consume you and you make direct reproaches about it. Confrontation is usually a good thing, but you start a real scandal and think that only you are right. It’s very difficult for you to listen to the other’s perspective because you get fired up quickly and see red in front of your eyes. That is precisely why you misinterpret everything your partner says or rush to make assumptions. That’s why it often happens to you that the other one wins with the fugitives. To find true love, you have to learn to let things happen and stop acting impulsively.


Sometimes you feel that love is not for you because it is very difficult for you to make a connection with someone. But this happens because you tend to become obsessed with the flaws of those who are interested in you. You analyze them thoroughly and try to find reasons why it is NOT worth starting something romantic with them. You think you’re doing yourself a favor and protecting yourself from failure, but if you don’t give the other person a real chance, you’ll never find what you need.

And when you find someone you like, you tend to become very possessive. You constantly need his attention and time and it seems suspicious that your partner has plans outside the relationship. You are afraid that once you open up and become vulnerable, the other will betray you. Try to find ways to fight your anxiety and paranoia to find peace and balance in your relationships.


Sometimes you think that love will never come into your life. You have had many failed attempts and you are disappointed by people. But the reasons why this happens often start from you, because you “plunge” into the relationship much too quickly. You are very family-oriented and you talk about it quite a lot, but, most likely, the person you just started connecting with is not yet ready to start a family with you. All the discussions about family and children scare your potential partners. Try to take it easier and see things from the other’s perspective. In addition, you also need to see if the other is suitable to be a good partner for you.


It’s hard for you to find love because you allow people to treat you badly. You like to be in love, but you forget that at the same time,e you have to support and protect yourself. You break your back for other people who wouldn’t lift a finger for you and that makes you easy prey. You complain about the way you are treated, but you do nothing about it. Before getting involved in a new relationship, focus on yourself and heal your self-respect. That’s the only way you’ll find the right person.

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