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Each of us should learn to accept something of ourselves to live better. Here’s what you could accept in 2022.

With the arrival of 2022, everything is a new beginning and between good intentions, never again and hopes for the future we find ourselves living the first days as in a separate dimension where reality and dreams seem to merge into a dimension of their own. . While it is true that setting goals for the new year is important, so is learning to deal with yourself or with your past. In this way, you grow as a person, you become better and you have the opportunity to understand exactly who you are and where you want to go.

Because sometimes, it is enough to learn to accept certain aspects of yourself as you would with those of a friend to discover that the world can be a beautiful place in which to live at ease. So, since what we can’t accept about ourselves may depend at least in part on the influence of the stars, today after seeing what is the goal that each zodiac sign should have for the new year and what 2022 will be like, we will find out what is the thing that each of us should learn to accept to live better with ourselves.
Since this is an aspect intimately linked to the way of feeling, the advice is to also check the profile of one’s ascendant to have a more complete picture of the situation or the possibility of accepting two aspects of oneself.

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Astrology: this is what you will have to learn to accept about yourself to live better

Aries – The fact that you have feelings
You’re wanting to always appear above any situation, no matter how better or bright it makes you feel, is wrong because it gives you an image that does not correspond to reality. This leads you to surround yourself with people who have little to do with you and with whom, for obvious reasons, you never feel completely comfortable. Feelings are part of life and are a precious aspect that underlies human relationships. Accepting the fact that, like everyone else, you experience them too, would be the first step towards a greater knowledge of yourself and a better understanding of the world. Doing so would lead you to be loved in the right way and to be understood even when you can’t explain yourself how you would like. After all, the idea that one cannot be strong in loving is now obsolete as well as wrong.

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Taurus – The Possibility of Being Wrong
The truth is that as much as you are a highly understanding person to others, you tend to be too rigid with yourself. This leads you to always want to succeed in everything you do. A more than fair thing as long as you can accept and manage failures as well. Making mistakes, after all, is something that happens to everyone and that in some ways is the basis of learning. Perhaps, then, you should just change your perspective and start seeing mistakes as a way to correct yourself and take another step in the right direction. Of course, for sure it is not something that can be learned in a single day but for you who are always very determined, it can represent a challenge to accept (also this) and to win.

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Gemini – You’re being always different
Although to others you appear to be a calm person and at peace with himself and his way of being, the truth is that you are too focused on countering your nature which leads you to always be different. But duality is part of your way of being and without that, you wouldn’t be the special person you are. A good exercise for your 2022 could therefore be to start accepting your way of being, starting with the small things and moving forward with the more important ones. In this way, you will gradually advance towards a more complete acceptance of yourself. This will certainly bring you many advantages and among these, there will be a greater knowledge of yourself that will make your year easier and certainly happier.

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Cancer – Your insecurities
One of your biggest problems is not accepting that you have certain insecurities. This leads you to close in on things you don’t want to try and to stiffen up by making mistakes after mistakes. An example is when you fear that you may lose someone and instead of talking to them about what you feel you end up treating them badly, pushing them away and thus making your fear more real. Learning to accept that you are an insecure person would lead you to achieve a greater awareness of yourself and what you can expect from life and those around you. A change that would at the same time also give you new security that only once experienced you can perceive as such. In short, trying does not cost you anything but it can give you that feeling of peace you have longed for and that you often mistakenly look for in others when instead,

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Let – Your True Self
Often, to look your best, you tend to build yourself up. This way of doing, if, on the one hand, it leads you to obtain the success you need, on the other hand, it distances you more and more from the real yourself, always making you love your victories. With the new year, therefore, you should learn to accept your real you, even if in your eyes there are so many things to fix and flaws that you think you cannot tolerate. The truth is, looking at yourself with the eyes of love, you may find that some of what you think are flaws are strengths. By changing your perspective you may even like it more than now and all without the slightest effort. Wouldn’t that be nice? Come on, you have a year to
try and succeed!

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Virgo – The desire to be happy
Inside you, you have such a desire to be happy that it is absurd that you have not yet chosen to indulge it. Of course, the fear of going into disappointment is so strong that it stops you, but doing it certainly doesn’t make you feel good, does it? For 2022, therefore, the best thing you can do for yourself is to accept your need for happiness. Dive into situations, accept the affection of others and live your emotions without judging or condemning them. This way you can truly embrace what you want most and if disappointments ever come you will also know how to deal with them. The strength to do it, of course, is not lacking. So why not give it a try?

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Libra – Your “particular” being
Often, to please others, you end up trying to appear as normal as possible. Although there is nothing wrong with normalcy, it is also true that being so at the expense of one’s self can become a difficult burden to bear. If there is one thing you have to learn to accept about yourself, then it is your special being which, in the eyes of many, will correspond to being special. Little childish attitudes, ways of doing things that are different from what others expect, and attitudes that are sometimes over the top, will not change what others think of you but will make you freer and, consequently, happier.

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Scorpio – Your past
One of the things you find hard to accept about yourself is what is about the past. There are so many events in your mind that you would like to change and when you can you like to think, at least superficially, that some things took place in a slightly different way. Doing so, however, also leads you to feel insecure about who you are. And since you have all the strength of the world in you, it’s time to come to terms with what has been and to always tell you the truth. In this way, your relationship with others will be less cryptic and you will always know what to expect from life because you will have a well-defined past from which to start. Your roots, like your experiences over the years, are after all that led you to be who you are today. So it’s only fair that you see them for what they are: a strength.

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Sagittarius – Your sensitivity
Over the years you have hidden more and more behind an armor that prevents others from seeing who you are. This may make you feel stronger but it has ended up creating a wall that prevents you from feeling the real you. In 2022, therefore, the thing you should learn to accept is the fact that you are a sensitive person who, as such, needs others and feels loved and accepted by them. Pretending that things are different will not make you happier and will cause you to become what you are not, leading to relationships that do not belong to you. And if you have to be unhappy, isn’t it better to do it by being yourself and therefore free?

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Capricorn – Your flaws If
you like to pursue perfection in life so much, what scares you most are those flaws that you fear may distance others from you. In reality, it is often you who try to pretend by showing yourself for what you are not, creating distances. A way of acting that distances people who would only like sincerity from you. For this reason, even though it may seem very difficult, try to live this new year as the real you, accepting your flaws and showing them to others. It will make you appear more human and you will find that instead of walking away it will bring you closer to those who truly love you. A way like any other to be free and happy to be.

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Aquarius – Your desire for simplicity
It is true, in the eyes of others you often appear as a person over the top, who knows how to get noticed and who with his multifaceted personality can entertain everyone. In reality, however, what sets you apart most is your need for simplicity. Often, to make things fit together, alternate moments of socializing with others in which you prefer to isolate yourself before giving yourself a little breath. And all just because you are afraid to show others your love for simple things. If you were able to accept this side of you, you could get closer to people who share the same outlook on life as you and from whom you would not feel the need to move away. Perhaps starting to think about this could change your life for the better. Why not give it a try?

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Pisces – The fear of change
Although you are a strong person, able to renew yourself always and in any case and with a resilience that few can boast, one of your biggest fears is related to change. It is an unfounded fear that feeds on your not accepting it and that every time you find yourself facing it you discover it to be non-existent. Yet you keep repeating this pattern in which you hide from yourself so as not to admit that you are constantly changing inside. Although in 2021 you have already embarked on this path, it is right to remember that 2022 could be the year of the turning point. The one where you let the change into you and make it real just like everything else. Because if there is a person who can change without ever getting lost, that is you.

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