Today’s ranking of the most envious signs of the zodiac will help us understand if your friends are genuine people or false to the core!

Raise your hand if you have never felt jealous of others. It could be anything: from the profile Instagram perfect and full of likes her boyfriend from work wonderful and stimulating the family perfect.

In short, this is certainly not a novelty: we can all be envious of life or of the things that others possess.
Knowing to admit, of course, can help us to improve ourselves and our relationship with others and we should not be a crime if we experience feelings of jealousy!
There are zodiac signs, however, that are too jealous and end up poisoning all their relationships: don’t you want to find out if your best friend is also there?

The most envious signs of the zodiac: find out if your friends are in today’s horoscope ranking

Okay, come on, you know very well that there are people who just can’t help but be envious, in general, in life.
Maybe you realize that you look with envy and jealousy at the Instagram profiles of influencers who are slaves to marketing or friends who post only the best of the best.
Maybe again, however, you see how friends and friends talk to you and how their attitudes change when you reach an important result.

Perhaps it is the fact that you got engaged or the fact that you managed to reach the job position you were hoping for and for which you worked so hard.
Among your friends, there are those who, instead of exulting, immediately start criticizing, belittling, and (ultimately) treating you with coldness and malice.

For what reason? But simply that it could be in the ranking of the most envious signs of the zodiac.
Aren’t you curious to find out if among them some call themselves ” your best friends “?

Virgo: fifth place

Well yes, those born under the sign of Virgo can be truly envious of others when they get involved!
The reason, mainly, is that Virgo is a sign who loves to have everything precise and tidy and, of course, to the best of his ability.

When, therefore, the Virgin does not have what she wants or has it but not at the best, here she suddenly becomes envious of others.
It is certainly not a good look for those born under the sign of Virgo!

Aries: fourth place

Although they are people who care very little about the judgment of others and who work hard, those born under the sign of Aries are also truly envious.
Unfortunately, someone born under this sign ends up being truly dramatic when they see others achieve goals and success!

For Aries, the comparison with others is a true and own problem, which blocks them and puts them in trouble.
There is little to do: Aries are people who are very envious of others!

Leo: third place

It doesn’t seem like it, yet those born under the sign of Leo are truly envious of others.
Accustomed to hiding their feelings as well as being considered the kings and queens among their circle of friends and relatives, people born under the sign of Leo will make biting forcefully envy when they want!

The Lion cannot bear that someone is praised or considered more than him or in a more striking way.
Unfortunately, they will always be envious of you and your success: it doesn’t matter who you are to them!

Taurus: second place

Unfortunately for them, those born under the sign of Taurus earn a decidedly high position in the ranking of the most envious signs of the zodiac.
Used to always having possession and control over various aspects of their life (from work to relationships, both friendship, and love), those born under the sign of Taurus can truly envy others to unimaginable levels.

When everything is fine with them, then, Taurus is calm and relaxed, even snooty if you like. In their well-being, they struggle to see the problems or difficulties of others, brandishing them as a trivial excuse.
If it happens, however, that someone reaches a goal before them, open up heaven.

The Toro become extremely jealous, make long turns of phrase to justify their surly attitudes and arrogance and, in any case, they behave badly with others!

Gemini: first place in the ranking of the most envious signs of the zodiac

Maybe we should give Gemini first place in another ranking: that of irrationality!
The twins are people who have a fairly high component inability to understand what they want when they want, and why they want it.

This, unfortunately, creates a complicated situation for them that they end up, in any case, becoming truly envious of others!
The Gemini, in fact, “win” the first place in our ranking today because they are often governed by the envy of others.
Too bad they don’t know why or why!

Geminis don’t have a clear idea of ​​what they want in life. That’s why they jump from one issue or situation to another, copying people they are envious of.
Unfortunately, by doing so they will never find happiness!


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