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The 4 Most Empathetic Signs Of The Zodiac

The ability to be able to fully understand the feelings and emotions of others does not belong to everyone. There are, in fact, people who, despite trying, never really manage to step into someone else’s shoes, resulting in them being cynical and cold. For others, however, the story changes. Empaths have such a sensitive soul that they can feel happiness or pain based on the feelings of the people around them, thus managing to understand exactly what others are going through.

Having an empathetic friend by your side is often very important, because only thanks to people with a certain sensitivity is it possible to make people understand how they feel, and in this way, it is easier to feel listened to and understood. Astrology suggests that by nature water signs are much more emotional, but in reality, they are not the only empathetic signs of the zodiac. Let’s find out together, according to astrologers, which are the four most empathetic zodiac signs:


Cancer, ruled by the moon, can always be kind and considerate. They always feel the need to help others and love to take care of others. For those born under this sign, their loved ones must know they can always count on them, no matter what.


Those born under the sign of Leo are always very attentive to the feelings of others. They always find the right words to give comfort and are ideal friends in times of need. They also know how to be very affectionate and do not deny their hug to anyone.


Scorpio can naturally read others. They can, simply with a glance, understand how the person in front of them feels and no one can lie to them, because they will always be able to understand the truth. Although this sign is often identified as one of the most mysterious and obscure signs of the zodiac, in reality, those born in Scorpio are among the most empathetic of all and are always ready to lend a hand in difficult times.


Pisces-born have strong intuition and are sensitive enough to take on other people’s problems as if they were their own. Often, however, this virtue of theirs is mistaken for intrusiveness, and for this reason, some are annoyed by this too-extreme attitude. The reality is that they do it spontaneously and only because it is in their nature to try to do everything possible to make others feel at ease even in situations that are not exactly comfortable. Their big and generous heart would always be appreciated.

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