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Find out how and how much they love the various zodiac signs. The opinion of the stars sign by sign.

On Valentine’s Day, we try to remain firm on the theme of love and discover how much and how they love the various zodiac signs. Each of us, after all, has his own very personal way of living this feeling, and often it is a matter that is difficult to understand unless you live it closely. Whether they are romantic, narcissistic, or aloof, everyone loves someone and a large part of the difference is both in the amount of feeling and in the way they show it. Thus, people full of love may be only good at showing it while others closed and on their know-how to love from the depths.

An enigma that is based on various aspects including, needless to say, the influence that the stars have on each of us. After having seen how the various signs of the zodiac live Valentine’s Day and what is the chocolate to give to each zodiac sign, today we will discover how much and how they love the signs of the zodiac. Since this is an aspect linked to feelings and the way of being and feeling, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant of each sign. In this way, you will have a more precise idea of ​​what to expect and the capacity for love of those around us.

Here is how much and how they love the signs of the zodiac

Aries – Average and with some self-control
Those born under the sign of Aries are people who love to be the center of attention and who always want to feel in control of every situation. Living an overwhelming feeling like love is, therefore, a problem because it tends to stabilize them. When they try it, therefore, they try to contain it, to escape it, or even worse to control it. This often leads them to appear elusive, difficult to predict, and in some ways incomprehensible. Being with them can be quite difficult especially if you think about a lasting relationship. To do this it is necessary to learn to read them deeply and be satisfied with what they can offer. Once you have learned to know them, however, grasping the feelings they try to hide in their ways will be easier and easier. And this will lead to a more balanced relationship.

Taurus – A lot and with enthusiasm
The natives of Taurus love and how much they feel for someone they try to live it to a thousand. Whether it’s a simple infatuation or true love, they will try to give their all and this attitude in some cases can create confusion in those around them. The truth is, the first thing they love is the very love they seek in anyone, anywhere. If you have the patience to know them well enough to grasp the nuances in their ways, however, there will be no problems because, despite everything, there are things that they reserve only for those who love. Placing your loved ones in your private context, introducing them to friends and relatives, and making plans for the future are, for example, signs that their heart is taken.

Gemini – Variably and spontaneously
Those born under the sign of Gemini have a strange way of experiencing love. Like every aspect of their life, this feeling is destined to continuous variations and such as to make them seem on a roller coaster. Whether they are just in love or committed to someone, their mood swings will be the order of the day and will always affect their way of expressing what they feel. The natives of the sign, after all, are made like this, and only by accepting them with strengths and weaknesses will you be able to live well in their company. The positive side is that the love they give is always full of unknowns and surprises that make everything always alive. They also have the particular gift of knowing how to be forgiven when they make a mistake.

Cancer – Enough but in an uncontrolled way
Cancer natives have a very scenic way of love which leads them to often appear more involved than they are. The truth is, they love the idea of ​​love, and when they are in a position to say they are involved with someone they try to do whatever it takes to let the whole world know that they are in love. They will not fail to externalize everything even with the partner, demanding equal attention for themselves. An aspect that can often and willingly create disagreements because when they feel they are not sufficiently appreciated they have the bad habit of taking it personally and putting a muzzle, starting to implement a hostile attitude. It is therefore a love with continuous ups and downs and always on the razor’s edge. Suitable for a few daredevils or people so in love that they are ready for anything.

Leo – The just and balanced way
Those born under the sign of Leo first of all need to be loved and appreciated. Having achieved this (and not before) they manage to find the space to dedicate to others. This also happens when they fall in love with someone because the first person they love more than anyone else in the world is the one they see reflected in the mirror every morning. Loving them, therefore, means always coming second. Nevertheless, if you manage to correspond to their ideal, you can count on an important feeling, well-lived and also shown, especially when you are in public. After all, we are still talking about people who always live in the spotlight, and what better opportunity than the one that sees them among so many people to show and show off their love?

Virgo – Fairly but with reserve
Virgo natives are not very good at expressing feelings and when they love they do so with a certain reserve. Having said that, even if it will always be difficult to see, I can love a lot but always keep everything to myself. This is not a small problem for those who need constant outpouring and confirmation because the natives of the sign are always a bit cold. Fortunately, they sometimes manage to convey love through gifts. As for the gestures it is essential to learn to read them and once you understand what they feel it will undoubtedly be easier. People with low self-confidence, however, could have serious problems in this regard.

Libra – Average and Discreet
Those born under the sign of Libra have a good relationship with love and when they experience it they try their best to keep it close. As much as they can, they will always try to communicate it, although more with gestures than words and they will always do so with discretion to the point of being misunderstood by those who do not yet know them thoroughly. Being loved by them is something delicate that comes only at times but that completely envelops. To grasp all this, however, one must have a certain sensitivity and know-how to read them enough to recognize even the smallest clues. This is the only way to find a meeting point within a possible relationship. Which will help them to open up more and more to the point of being even expansive albeit, obviously, only in private.

Scorpio – A lot but deep inside
The natives of Scorpio have a unique ability to love but have a hard time expressing what they feel. Thus, more often than not, you may be unable to grasp their feelings or not understand their extent. In their way of loving, they tend to use few words, to carry out normal gestures but to always take care of the person towards whom they have an important feeling. These are difficult aspects to understand and that only those who know them well and want to understand them will be able to grasp and appreciate them. Which, when it happens, manages to convey a sense of infinite warmth. Because their love will not be full of effusions but will certainly have the right substance.

Sagittarius – Just enough and only if reciprocated
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius have the particular ability to love almost on command. If they have a feeling for someone they must know that they are reciprocated. Otherwise, with rare exceptions, they end up distancing themselves to turn their attention elsewhere. That said if they fall in love and feel involved (and reciprocated) they tend to be open and instinctive. However, they demand certain freedom, which is why they will never give themselves 100%. Not everyone is therefore able to live with the natives of the sign. Because if being loved by them can be pleasant and even stimulating, sometimes it is even difficult to the point of extinguishing any possible enthusiasm.

Capricorn – A lot but in a discontinuous way
The natives of Capricorn have strong feelings but are unable to transmit them continuously because they are always too busy with themselves. This means that when they are there they can give a lot but then start getting lost in a thousand different ways. It is something they do without even realizing it, so much so that it is useless to tell them because it would only be possible to offend them. To be with them, unfortunately, you have to adapt to their way of being and take what comes when it arrives but always with the awareness that sooner or later they will go away again.

Aquarius – Little and in a confusing way
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are not very sentimental and have a way of loving all of their own and are often a bit selfish. To feel loved by them it is therefore important to share their way of being and to be able to understand them deeply. Beyond the extent of the feeling, they are also confusing in the way of showing it and this in the long run can cause problems and lead to emotional distances. On the other hand, they love in a dynamic, unpredictable, and certain alternative way. Perfect for anyone who loves everything beyond their comprehension.

Pisces – A lot and with feeling
The natives of Pisces love it a lot and do it with all their hearts. Sometimes their capacity to love is such that it can seem even too much. The sensation that vanishes when the paths divide and it turns out that love, without them, has a completely different flavor. Although emotional, sometimes too instinctive, and often difficult to understand due to the extent of their emotions, they know how to give so much that everything else takes a back seat. Especially if you are hungry for love, which makes them ideal partners since it is their prerogative to go out of their way to convey what they feel to their loved one.

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