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The astrologers reveal who are the 4 zodiac signs that this week will smile again happy to have thrown problems and difficulties behind them.

The signs of today’s ranking, this week will be particularly clear . This clarity will allow them to overcome any problems and difficulties . Some problems will be long-standing, other problems will be recent, however no difficulty will affect the smile on the face of these signs.

If you are among the signs of today’s ranking, you too this week will feel that you have a particular gift, the gift of problem solving , never as in this period will you have the feeling of knowing exactly what to do and when to do it to transform a problem into a solution.

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These four signs will solve all their problems in October

According to the astral configurations, each zodiac sign has distinctive characteristics, so the way of dealing with problems and difficulties would also largely depend on the zodiac sign. The movements of the planets continually bring changes in the astral framework and give new suggestions, new ideas, new inspirations to the different signs. This week the full moon in Aries and at the same time the Sun in Scorpio will offer the opportunity for all the signs of the Zodiac to overcome themselves and to find the solution to every problem and the way to circumvent any obstacle. In particular, there will be four signs that will be able to seize this opportunity and improve their lives.

Four signs will feel that they have a very optimistic mind and that they are able to circumvent difficulties and solve any type of problem. If before they tended to mull over problems and despair, today their attitude is totally different.

The 4 signs that this week are invested with this flash of genius and positivity are:


Leo will experience a lot of twists this week. This sign always works hard to achieve his goals and this week he will have to face some unexpected events on a professional level.  Venus and Mars will give Leo the winning ideas to solve every difficulty and move forward in the right way and will also give him the necessary clarity to set new very ambitious goals. This sign will feel it can separate feelings from logic.

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The Libra native will feel more energetic and vital than ever this month. This sign who is usually a great communicator and who uses his talents to restore peace and harmony in his life and extinguish any kind of conflict, this week will use this language to create new connections that will be of great use to him. professional level. Venus will also have a very positive impact on his love life, at this moment he will feel particularly happy, in this autumn week.

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Taurus is a highly sensitive sign even though it tends to show its tough side. He usually likes to do things right, he is a well organized sign and he knows exactly what to do. Even the Taurus this week with the help of the stars will know how to deal with any difficulty and how to find the time to organize his whole life and achieve great results in a short time. In addition, this sign will also find a way to start a project on a sentimental level with the person he loves, such as a transfer or a trip.

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The Aquarius sign this week will also be feeling particularly positive lucid and enterprising. His creativity will skyrocket, Venus Jupiter will bring positive energy into his life, moreover the full moon will give him the necessary means to make all your dreams come true. This sign will know which people it will have to work with to get great benefits especially on a financial level. This air sign will feel that everything is going well and this feeling will make him live a wonderful week.

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