Find out what is the magical ritual that each zodiac sign performs when they are particularly anxious about something.

There are ways of doing that most of the time are irrational but can make us feel better. These are mechanisms that we put into action as if they were a sort of superstition but which, according to psychologists, represent a way of calming the mind when, being faced with things that it cannot foresee or control, it manages to find calm with actions on which ones can be exercised control. These are those little rituals that we have all implemented sooner or later and which can range from closing the bathroom door several times to repeating a single action several times to combing your hair with three strokes of the brush instead of that or three. Ways of doing that taken in small doses are not to be seen as something negative and that unless they lead to pure superstition and such as to make everyday life impossible, they act as an outlet for moments of anxiety or severe stress. Each of us is more or less predisposed to implement them and this depends at least in part on the influence that the stars have on us. Today, therefore, after having seen the are the signs of the zodiac that must learn to say no and which zodiac signs are more hypochondriacs than others, we will find out which are the signs that carry out superstitious rituals and which is the most suitable for each of them. To better explore this aspect, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant of each zodiac sign.

Astrology: the ritual gesture of each sign of the zodiac

Aries – The simple brings good luck
Those born under the sign of Aries live too much for the day to have a superstitious ritual to be put in place every time they are about to do something. In times of high stress, however, they can come to give the role of luck to something they had with them at a lucky moment. Examples are the shirt worn to compete when they won an award or the pen used for a brilliantly passed exam. Little ones bring good luck that when they can they are happy to have with them but that otherwise do not lead to changes in their life. For them, the best way to release tension is to go for a run, do something and feel as active as ever. As for superstitious gestures, they prefer to leave them to others.

Taurus – Rituals that vary according to the situation
It cannot be said that the natives of Taurus have a precise ritual because being very anxious people they tend to have more than one and all linked to a particular context. When they are anxious about an exam, for example, they may repeat a subject three times in a row or always eat the same thing the night before. The same applies to tensions due to work or personal life. What matters is that they always manage to control their rituals, making sure that they do not become too many and that they do not add up to each other, which would lead to greater stress due to the difficulty in managing them. For a new one, therefore, it is right that they learn to eliminate one of the old ones.

Gemini – The numbers
From a rational point of view, those born under the sign of Gemini do not share the application of superstitious or ritual gestures in everyday life. When they find themselves living under stress, however, they almost always end up putting it into action and all almost without realizing it. What he does best from a purely instinctive point of view is to rely on numbers, thus certain that he cannot make mistakes. So it can happen that they always close the front door double-locked, that they count up to ten before doing something, that in the morning they always get up with even or odd numbers, and so on. A way of doing that manages to lighten his soul. Woe to tell them that it is a sort of ritual, however, because for them they are and remain simply numbers.

Cancer – The dress brings good luck
Even the natives of Cancer tend to superstition and when they can they usually count to ten before doing one thing, up to five before doing another, and so on. One thing they do even more often is to wear a certain item of clothing if they feel it has brought them luck at least once. So if in an exam they got a good grade with a sweater, they can get to wear it even in the height of summer to bring luck. At the same time, they can decide that color brings them luck and always start wearing red when they have an important test to pass. Their problem? If they can’t follow their rituals they get nervous and start thinking that everything will go wrong.

Leo – Getting
busy Well yes, a bit like the natives of Aries, with whom they share different character aspects, those born under the sign of Leo do not usually bind themselves to propitiatory rituals because they are more aware than ever that the success of a company depends solely and exclusively on them. So when they happen to feel anxious, what they do is take action to show that they are in action and ready to fight for what they want. At the same time, they may find it fun to have a lucky charm but it is something they do more for fun than anything else and in which they never fully believe, so much so that they change them as they would do with bags.

Virgo – An indefinite set of rituals
Virgo natives are perhaps among the most superstitious and anxious signs in the zodiac. Their rational mind, however, prevents them from having rituals to recognize as such. So what they do is set in motion some of which they don’t even realize and which are often difficult to identify as such. Smoke to cigarettes a day, always have three pens in your bag, place the cutlery in a given motion. These are the things they do and unfortunately for them, they tend to add up more and more, until their life is practically impossible to manage. Fortunately, now and then they manage to recognize some by changing it or, in the worst
case, replacing it with another one.

Libra – The little ones bring good luck
Those born under the sign of Libra do not usually have ritual gestures because they know how to calm their mind when it is in the grip of anxiety. If they feel stressed they go to the gym or do something manual while for anxiety they try to chat with a friend or with anyone who wants to listen to them. For this reason, the maximum superstition they arrive at is given by some lucky charm that they keep with them in their purse or coat pocket. It cannot be said, however, that they have a particular attachment to these objects, so much so that, even if they lose them, they would find themselves sorry for the emotional value but never frightened for the symbolic one. For them, everything has its time and if a lucky charm goes, it is only because another has to arrive.

Scorpio – Putting into proper ritual acts
The natives of Scorpio have such a complex mind that sometimes it can happen to them to get lost forgetting how to use the analytical part and thus indulging in superstitious rituals that are important to them. Generally, they do not have a precise fixation but they can develop almost obsessive ways of doing things such as checking five times that the front door is tightly closed, retracing their steps because they feel it is right to do so, checking under the bed or under the wardrobe that does not there is nothing strange. The only solution? That of distracting the mind. Reading a good book, listening to music, or watching a TV series can become new rituals that can calm them down and are certainly easier to manage than the previous ones.

Sagittarius – The absence of rituals
As strange as it may seem, those born under the sign of Sagittarius do not need rituals and indeed, in not having one, they can find their inner peace. If there is one thing that sends them into crisis it is being tied to constraints or things to do necessarily. Even the lucky ones end up stressing them because they live with the constant fear of losing them. For them, calming down and placating their minds means planning a nice trip or getting lost in the pages of a book. Because it is only by feeling free as air that they can silence any form of anxiety or stress.

Capricorn – Keeping everything under control
It is true, the natives of Capricorn do not have superstitious rituals and in some ways, they find them useless. It must be said, however, that to do without it they are forced to apply a form of control over everything around them. This means that the pressure they experience is always great, especially when they have to make things turn in their favor. Whether it’s about people or situations, for them the only relaxing thing is being able to predict how things will go and take action to change them to always get what they want. A modus operandi could be defined as the ritual of rituals and which means that even in the absence of “rituals” they still manage to feel calm.

Aquarius – Staying away from rituals
Not only those born under the sign of Aquarius do not like rituals but they tend to stay away from them. For them, it is only ways of doing that over time represent a trap from which it is impossible to escape and which ends up generating more anxiety than it should make it disappear. For this reason, therefore, they are never even remotely tempted to put it into practice, trying to make even the people they know give up. Of course, it must be said that these are people who are not prone to anxiety and therefore do not have major problems in this regard. Even if they did, however, they would most likely look for other ways that could reassure them but which they could always be in control of.

Pisces – Having personal “magical” rituals
The natives of Pisces are people extremely tied to their interiority and when they find themselves experiencing a situation of stress or strong anxiety, they tend mostly to withdraw into themselves and live the various circumstances in their way. Although they are people who rationally do not share the choice of carrying out aimless rituals, when they find themselves living in field situations for which they do not have full control, they end up relying on small, mostly instinctive gestures that for them they represent a sort of magic able to put them in tune with their instinctive and often truer side. Their rituals can therefore be a song to be sung to relieve anxiety, a ritual gesture to be done to relax, or something to say or keep close to having more luck.


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