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Aren’t you curious about the strongest zodiac signs in the horoscope? Today we establish (once and for all) the top five positions. Are you in the rankings?

Muscles that flex, machines that are raised, bars of iron which is bent according to your will.
Hey, we’re talking to you: how strong are you?

No, come on, we’re kidding: the standings today talking about all the signs as ” strongmen ” of the zodiac but in the sense of character.
We can not know for sure what you can do to lift the barbell in the gym!
(This is because then, even if we wanted to, we wouldn’t come to the gym anyway to check on you).
Ready to find out how tough you are?

The strongest zodiac signs: here is today’s horoscope ranking

No, we already told you. Today we do not want to measure how much and if you manage to open the jar closed with force or how many punches you can to give the bag hanging on the wall.
Today you are being investigated for one thing and one thing only: your … emotional strength! The horoscope has already she taught to discover several characteristics of the signs of the zodiac: why not also unveil the most powerful ?

How would you like to be the sign of the strong in the sense of cool or what stronger as muscles, today we speak of an entirely different force?
What you need to face your life!

Let’s find out together what stars and planets say about it: maybe there is you or your partner is among the top five positions of this ranking!
Ready to uncover the muscles… er, of your temper or your brain?

Leo: fifth place

In fifth place in our ranking, we immediately find all those born under the sign of Leo. Although he would like to be more in higher (as we well know, Leo ) this is a sign that although it has a strong monster is certainly not invincible!

The Lion is famous for taking charge of everything: from family problems to those relationships, the issues working with those of his group of friends.
Although often, he bears his burdens with great stoicism, Leo ends up giving in when someone who truly loves him is at his side. In short, strong yes but insensitive no!

Sagittarius: fourth place

Behind his always wide smile and his desire to go out and have fun, Sagittarius hides a great strength.
Those born under this sign, in fact, are people who are decidedly capable of carrying their own and other people’s problems on their shoulders: they just never reveal it!

The Sagittarius is the sign that is always present for you, especially in times of need. You will never need to ask him anything: Sagittarius is already with you, at the right time! Know that on him you can count: after all is one of the “signs strongest ” of all the zodiac!

Aquarius: third place

Does it seem strange to you to find those born under the sign of Aquarius in third place in this ranking? But then you obviously don’t know them well!
The Aquarium, in fact, are people very strong especially in the face of difficulties of life.

They grit their teeth and move on, helping anyone they meet on their way. Those born under the dell ‘sign Aquarius are true and their forces of nature, often “hidden” behind a gentle and quiet spirit, which never will see angry!
For the Aquarius, strength is “just” one more characteristic: his character is stronger than ever!

Scorpio: second place

Please do not confuse the force with the ‘ wrath: even if the Scorpio is one of the signs that when angry, can literally shake the earth, does not make it one of the zodiac signs strong!
The Scorpio, in fact, is a sign known to be a leader and also a leader when it wants downright scary.

Like any good (and true ) leader, however, Scorpio actually takes care of all the problems: both at work and in private life! Those born under the sign of Scorpio are often the first to set a good example: they work hard, they are committed, they try to help others understand.

Although struggling to show their broadest sweet, the Scorpio takes strength often from the people around him, which is why choosing always those of which can count!
Surrounded by positive energies, focused and decisive, Scorpio is one of the strongest zodiac signs of the whole horoscope: there is no rain on this!

Capricorn: first place in the ranking of the strongest zodiac signs

Tenacious, tough, and, above all, strong: those born under the sign of Capricorn are certainly not here to joke!
Often surrounded by a true and own wall of granite, to protect your heart from the interference of life, Capricorn is the zodiac sign strongest of all.

We can’t really argue! For Capricorn, in fact, the simple idea of “not making it” or “having to give up” is something repulsive.
For them, it does not exist as a failure, no matter what you’re talking about! The Capricorn, however, also knows that to be successful in life you have to commit: and for this, he works really hard!

The Capricorn is the zodiac sign stronger horoscope mainly due to his way of thinking. “ If I commit myself, I will have my result ” is a mantra that takes him very far in life and, at the same time, protects him from any bad experience.
Follow his example means to aspire to greatness … but you have to be really strong to overcome the disappointment!

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