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Ranking The Zodiac Signs From Most To Least Romantic In July


You can picture the perfect romantic fantasy, and you know it’s possible. You’re understanding, but you have high hopes for what love looks like. You want everything to feel like a dream and have a tendency to look at the world through rose-colored lenses. You would bend over backward for love and romance, and you hope for a partner that does the same- even going as far as to read into someone’s intentions as more romantic than they were.


You want the passion and the drama that comes with an iconic romance. Your heart bursts at the seams with the way you feel for your partner. You aren’t afraid to display how you feel to the world because there is nothing better than this in your eyes. You will pull out all the stops to make the person you love swoon.


In an ideal world, the person you love would shower you with unrestrained love and adoration. Despite that you know the world isn’t perfect, you still want the fairytale romance, in whatever way you can. You won’t hesitate to go out of your way to show how you feel- it comes naturally to you. You will often cater to what the other person wants in the relationship. However, you’re still holding onto the hope that if they love you enough, they’ll show you in a romantic way- because that’s precisely what you do.


You may be hard to read, but you want a timeless, all-consuming love. You want the passion and dedication of an epic love story- even if you can’t fully trust it will happen for you, you still desire it more than most. When you feel safe and secure, you won’t hesitate to give everything you can to make this possible; it just takes some time to get there.


You’re far more focused on the emotional component than the grand gesture, but romance holds so much weight for you. You believe in getting to know a person inside and out. That building a strong foundation is the best way to keep a relationship going. You’re thoughtful and intentional- unafraid to do whatever it takes to make your partner feel loved and secure.


You have high standards regarding your relationships, Taurus. You believe in immersing yourself fully, and you don’t just want to hear romantic words- you want the whole package. You are dedicated, but you want to feel appreciated and be swept off your feet. You will spoil the person you love with anything you can think of because you want to show how much you care. The magic is part of it!


You get so excited about the person you have feelings for, and you can’t contain it. You feel like you should go above and beyond because that’s how the person makes you feel! You want to sweep them off their feet always to keep that spark alive. You won’t be subtle about your intentions, and it can be overwhelming for some- but no one can deny that you’re willing to go the extra mile for romance.


You might seem pretty cynical and like you could care less about romance, but that’s not entirely true, is it Virgo? Underneath the tough exterior, you’re a bit of a softie. While you may not be covering the bed with rose petals anytime soon, you will keep their favorite drinks stocked in your fridge, surprise them with a compliment, or plan an extravagant date out of nowhere. Anything to show you care!


You are a bit old school in your romance, but if it’s not broke, then don’t fix it, right? You will aim to embrace all the classics- buying them flowers, calling them at a specific time each night, talking them to the door at the end of a date. Some might call it cheesy, but it wins people over. At times you may come off as going through the motions, but the intention is there!


Romance isn’t necessarily a priority for you, Sag. You prefer discovery and adventure, and while you want to bond with your partner, you don’t have romance as a focus. While you are more than capable of pulling off some elaborate grand gestures, they are few and far between and only for particular people- it’s not something you would derail yourself for.


You aren’t against romance by any means, but you hesitate to embrace it the same way as other zodiac signs. You like to keep your options open, so trying to be over the top romantic usually ties you to other people in a way you aren’t expecting. Creativity-wise, you could be a die-hard romantic if you wanted, but because you jump so quickly from one moment to the next, people don’t see it. The romantic ideas exist, but they don’t captivate you long enough to see them through.


You aren’t remotely interested in being romantic by traditional standards, and no one can change your mind on the subject. For you, romance looks like exploring each other’s minds and pushing each other to try new things- and while that may be romantic for you, it may not always come across that way to others. You don’t want to give off the vibe that you’re more attached than necessary- and when you are devoted to a person, the way you express it won’t look like the typical romance ideas whatsoever.

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