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Love Horoscope For The Week Of December 25-31, 2023.

We say goodbye to 2023 with a hurricane of astrological events that change the fate of the signs even in the last days of the year.

The love horoscope December 25-31 brings news about love during the winter holidays. On December 27th we have a Full Moon in Cancer, which reminds us to take it easy, to be gentle with our inner child, to cry when we feel the need, and to express our feelings. Family can mean a lot during this period.

Both Mercury and Mars are in square with Neptune and this meeting brings confusion in our sentimental life, especially since Mercury remains retrograde until January 2024. Wednesday and Thursday in particular – when the alignments are perfect – will be the moments in which is indicated to act with total integrity. Astrologers recommend that we be honest with ourselves, first of all.

We end the year with two very good news! On December 29, 2023, Venus, the planet of pleasure, moves into party-loving Sagittarius. The passion is unleashed! Also, Jupiter returns in direct motion, bringing a lot of luck to the lives of the zodiac signs.


Don’t let anyone make decisions on your behalf! You may be sensitive this week and fail to impose yourself in front of others, but you will need to exceed your limits. It’s time to put your foot in the door in front of those people who mess up your plans. In the love sector, there is good news from the loved one in your life.

If you are single, it is not a good time to start a relationship, because appearances can deceive you.


An excellent week for you! It starts with a soft, almost dreamlike energy that allows you to open your heart to your loved ones. Your relationships fill your life and you feel loved. Your life partner makes a gesture that brings you a lot of happiness. The end of the year brings good news because Venus directly influences you and makes you love passionately.

If you’re not in a relationship, there’s a good chance you’ll meet a very special person.


Haste spoils the job and you may find this on your skin in the following days. You have a state of confusion that can push you to make wrong decisions or say something you will regret later. It is recommended that this week you give yourself space and time to analyze your feelings and make plans for the future. Pay attention to the needs of your life partner, because you might move away from each other.

If you are alone, it is not the best time to fall in love, so protect your heart from possible suffering.


The last Full Moon of 2023 takes place in your sign and this causes you a special emotion. Your feelings will reach maximum capacity and you will live intensely every moment during the Holidays. Meetings with loved ones bring good news and deep conversations. You might resolve an old conflict regarding a very important subject for you. In the love relationship, there is a lot of passion and you enjoy the love of your partner.

If you are single, it is an excellent time to go out on dates and open your heart.


You have a busy and crowded week, but don’t forget to listen to your soul. What does your heart say? You might leave out some important things and regret it later. Be present and enjoy the company of those around you. You may receive certain opportunities through loved ones in your life. Conflicts with your life partner may arise and it is advisable to manage them gently.

If you are not in a relationship, it is possible to meet someone interesting and start something new.


The universe wants to teach you a lesson in this last week of the year: you can’t control everything. No matter how much you want to manage things as you please, you will not be able to have the last word. Many unforeseen situations arise that confuse you a little. It’s time to allow yourself to be carried away by the wave. Relax, love, and enjoy everything around you. Your loved one is by your side and supports you.

If you are alone, you will find that love cannot be controlled and appears when you least expect it.


You are the luckiest sign this week because everything you wish for becomes reality. In terms of emotions, you live dreamlike moments that make you feel true fulfillment. All your efforts this year were worth it and this makes you a little sentimental. Share the joy with the important people in your life and, in particular, with your loved one, with whom you will live dream moments during the Holidays.

If you are alone, your prince appears when you least expect it and changes your life.


You are at a good point in your life and you feel with all your being that the stars have aligned to favor you. Certain news that you have been waiting for comes at the right moment. In the love relationship, things are better than ever and you feel the love between you on a deep level. You can even expect a marriage proposal or the proposal of an important commitment for the two of you.

If you are single, you will know love right at Christmas and it comes with trumpets and trumpets!


You feel tension and a weight on your shoulders lately, so it is recommended to take it easy this week. It seems that you have many things to do, but the most important thing is to take care of your heart. Make sure you spend time only with those people who mean something in your life and bring you joy. With your life partner, everything goes excellently, especially in the last days of the year, when Venus enters your sign and brings a lot of passion to the bedroom.

If you are not in a relationship, it is a good time to meet new people. Who knows where your soul mate is? Keep your heart open.


You have many lessons to learn during this period, and one of them is to allow your emotions to come out. The Full Moon takes place in your opposite sign, Cancer, making you more sensitive than usual. What better time than the winter holidays to give free rein to your feelings and allow yourself to be a little vulnerable in front of family and friends? Give yourself this gift and let your heart speak, giving up pragmatism.

If you are single, the end of the year comes with a big surprise in terms of love.


You will need to find the balance between work and personal life this week. Your loved ones might complain that you don’t give them enough time. Certain conflicts are inevitable in a love relationship. Give your life partner the attention he needs.

If you are not in a relationship, it is not a good time to start one, because you have other priorities.


It is a tumultuous week, with many changes. Some you can’t control and you shouldn’t. It is recommended not to make important decisions and not to make commitments, because you do not see the big picture too clearly. It would be recommended to avoid discussions that may have an impact on your future. In terms of love, conflicts arise with your partner and you can only handle them very calmly.

If you are single, have patience until next month to enter into a relationship.

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