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Which Signs Are The Worst Bosses Of The Zodiac, According To Astrology

Being a leader, in a work team, in a group of friends, or in a family, is never very simple, and some people know how to be truly wrong leaders, who make a series of mistakes that are not easy to understand. Here, we decided to talk about it today in an article that will be able to give a certain rationale to one of the topics that very often are not addressed with the right attitude. If you are curious to know more, come on, let’s start immediately with the first one on the list.


It is a very emotional sign that gets angry very easily and is also not very able to handle situations of great tension. That’s why when he’s a boss at work, well, let’s just say it’s not exactly the best. Sometimes he takes himself too seriously and ends up surprising others with his great strangeness.


What to say instead of the virgin? It is a sign that has a great sense of perfectionism, which if in private is excellent, given that it allows him to pay attention to all those errors and details that otherwise would have been impossible to notice, in reality, in contact with other people it is impossible to manage. He’s not exactly a very good boss.


What about the fish instead? It is a sign that he has a big heart and loves to influence others with his vision and ideas. Sometimes, though, he’d do well to keep his opinions to himself. Because not everyone likes to take lessons.


And finally, we have the scales, a sign that just doesn’t know what it means to lead, to lead, so much so that it is a role that in the end, he decided to abandon. The mediator is the only role that suits him.

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