Some people love to find out and chat about the lives of others. Let’s find out which are the signs that do it the most and which, on the other hand, are completely unrelated to the thing.

Some call them gossipers, others talkative. The substance is always the same: these are people who love to stay informed in life about what happens to those around them. Normally they do it by inquiring with those directly concerned or by asking for information around and everything to then become spokespersons for the life of others. A way of doing that indicates curiosity and desire to communicate with others but which in some cases can be annoying. After all, not everyone likes to talk about them. Knowing how to recognize these people a priori, therefore, can sometimes be useful.

Both if you are looking for someone to chat with to find out more about a person you are interested in and to avoid telling things you don’t want to be known around. Of course, as with so many other things, whether or not you are predisposed to talk a lot about others, among other things, can also be influenced by the stars. Today, therefore, we will try to find out which are the most “chatty” signs of the zodiac and which ones are not at all.

Signs who love to talk about others a lot and those who don’t think about it at all

Aries – Those who love to talk about others
Those born under the astrological sign of Aries are by nature curious and eager to know every detail of the things and people with whom they enter into a relationship. This makes them one of the zodiac signs most likely to talk about others and give information about their lives. Sometimes it can be said of them that they are real gossips. The desire to tell about others and the love for details leads them to exaggerate a little. If you want to know something about someone, however, they are among the most reliable people because they will almost certainly be aware of details known to few. How do they do it? They observe, ask without problems (often even to those directly concerned), and spread as much information as possible. In addition, they are particularly good at finding sources that can fill in any gaps.

Taurus – Those who like to talk about others with people they trust
The natives of Taurus are among the most reserved people in the zodiac. Therefore, no one would expect juicy information about friends or acquaintances from them. Yet, quite surprisingly, the natives of the sign are always quite knowledgeable about the people who are part of their circle. This happens partly because people tend to confide in them but mostly because they are surprisingly curious and eager to know. Their secret is to always choose the people to confide in and to avoid doing it with those who might carry their thoughts around. In this way, while appearing as people completely unrelated to the facts, they are instead protagonists. Skilled observers, the natives of the sign are particularly good at capturing curiosity about others and referring them to people they trust. It is therefore very unlikely that they will talk about others on the first-come. Though, they are more than capable of doing that and even getting major news.

Gemini – Those who love to talk but not with everyone
Those born under the sign of Gemini fall into a middle category as often happens. Loving to always be among others are people who play strength always have first-hand news. However, this does not mean that they are willing to share them with anyone. For them, talking about who they know is something that should inspire them. If they are in the right mood and with people they feel comfortable with, they can then let go and release juicy information. In other cases, however, they manage to close in a hedgehog-like few other people. It must be said that the natives of the sign also have a particular sense of honor that pushes them to never divulge secrets or thoughts of people they consider dear or family. As good friends, therefore, they do not usually divulge news that could annoy someone. There are no qualms for everyone else, much less for people who can’t stand it. With the latter, their ability to grasp information and disseminate it could prove even dangerous.

Cancer – Those who love to talk about others
Cancer natives are particularly curious and keen to observe a lot of others and what they do in their life. It is therefore one of the most “chatty” signs of the zodiac. What they do so naturally is to make it appear simple and above all free from any possible negativity. When they confide in someone it is only out of a pure desire to share. In doing so, however, they manage to bring out the best in people to discover even the most hidden secrets. Secrets that will not hesitate to confide in clearest friends and sometimes even acquaintances. What can sometimes make them dangerous is to season everything with personal thoughts that, when said in an almost spontaneous way, end up conditioning the listener. In conclusion,

Leo – Those who speak little but listen a lot
Those born under the zodiac sign of Leo are not people who care about others to the point of wasting words about them. Focused on themselves, they prefer to always be the center of attention. It must be said, however, that they are excellent listeners and that, thanks to a good memory, they can keep in mind all sorts of information given to them. Aware of being able to make use of everything in due time, they, therefore, do not draw to speak with those who are willing to share other people’s stories around. And in doing so they always give their opinion trying, as they can, to influence their interlocutors. These are therefore difficult people to define but who certainly know how to manage information. Nonetheless, unless they’re in the middle of a conversation with trusted people, they always avoid making the first move.

Virgo – Those who, if motivated, talk a lot
Although few would believe it, the natives of Virgo are truly curious. For them, knowing about the lives of the people they know is extremely interesting. And sometimes they even get curious about those they have never seen in their life. Always ready to judge, they enjoy hearing curious stories about friends and acquaintances, and when they can they like to enrich them with anecdotes or news that others do not know. In doing so, however, they always have a form of reticence that leads them to talk only with people they trust. And this is because many times they have first-hand information or information that can make a difference. It is therefore one of the most “chatty” signs of the zodiac. As well as one of the few to whom people almost always end up telling themselves. And all thanks to their ability to listen and the reserved appearance that pushes others to trust. No fear though. Because just as they are good at speaking, they are also good at keeping the secrets that are confided to them by the people they care about.

Libra – Those who speak little
Those born under the zodiac sign of Libra are one of those signs that do not like to talk much about others. And these, even if absurdly, are those who almost always have top-secret information. The natives of the sign are chosen by most of the people as confidants to whom to tell practically everything. This is why they always have so much first-hand information. They’re being reserved by nature, however, pushes them to keep what they know to themselves. It is therefore very unlikely that in the middle of a conversation they will push themselves to say something about acquaintances or friends. However, they know how to listen and if they have to do with someone who loves to talk about others they always show that they know more than they should, thus making themselves extremely interesting. That said, they are excellent people to whom to entrust their secrets and at the same time one of the most informed signs ever. And all thanks to the sense of trust they inspire.

Scorpio – Those who love to listen
The natives of Scorpio are so intuitive that many times they end up knowing things about others just by observing them. That said, their curious nature often pushes them to know the secrets of those around them. Especially because people love to confide suspicions or first-hand news to him. For their part, however, they always prove to be excellent listeners but unwilling to speak. So, if they know something indirectly they don’t hesitate to tell it but in the case of secrets, they are good at keeping them for themselves. It is therefore one of the most reliable signs of the zodiac ever, especially when it comes to burning secrets. As for their feelings, they tend to talk a little more. And since they are rarely wrong, it is easy for those who know them well to listen to them, trusting their judgment.

Sagittarius – Those who always talk about others
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are one of the most “chatty” signs of the zodiac. For them, talking about others is so natural that they always do it with anyone. And since by character they are people who do not send it to say, it often happens that they find themselves speaking ill of people. Without filters and direct as few, in fact, they always say what they think. And all without worrying about hurting those around them. That said, they are always eager for news and being sociable and always ready to chat with others, it’s easy to imagine how having first-hand news is their daily bread. Confiding in them can therefore be risky, especially if you have news that you want to keep as secret as possible. On the other hand, they are among the best informants if you want to have up-to-date information on someone. However, it is important to remember that natives of the sign tend to code things in their way. And this means that most of the time together with the facts they will also disclose what is only their personal opinions.

Capricorn – Those who only speak when they feel safe
Capricorn natives have a reputation for being reserved people. For this reason, few would expect their ability to gather and disseminate information about others. They are curious people and often so busy that they need to constantly update themselves on others. If you add to this the fact that they have a way of doing things that push others to confide in them, it is easy to understand that they are always able to give new information about people. One thing they do, however, is only after gaining confidence or if they feel they can truly trust. These are people who, while loving confidences have a certain reserve at least with those of people they consider important. In reverse, they manage to unbutton themselves quickly for others and this makes them people who can take away a lot of curiosity but who can also be trusted. As long as you are really on good terms, though. If not, it is best not to reveal too much. The temptation to talk about it could be stronger than you think.

Aquarius – Those who speak little
Those born under the astrological sign of Aquarius are so distant from having a worldly life that they are not at all interested in what others are doing. Knowing its secrets or life updates is therefore something that does not touch them in the least. And indeed, one could even say that they are bothered by the gossip of others. Taken from their lives and focused on feeling good moment by moment, they are not in the least interested in what concerns others, even if they are people with whom they are in confidence. Of course, if it happens they are willing to listen but over time they tend to forget what they are told. Excellent thing for those who want to confide in them. If it comes to looking for information, however, it is most likely the people less suitable and interested in being useful. A fact that is always good to have in mind.

Pisces – Those who talk sometimes and only with trusted people
The natives of Pisces are curious. However, their respect for others also makes them less accustomed to talking about others. If it is generic information they are always willing to give it. As for confidences or personal facts, they avoid talking instead and all because hurting someone is the last thing they want. That said, they are excellent listeners and since they are usually sought out by others to act as confidants, they always know a lot more than you think. What is added to their strong intuition that leads them to understand even what is not said? Apart from this, natives of the sign tend to confide only in people whom they blindly trust and whom they, in turn, consider confidential. Even so, they will never say anything about confidences made expressly to them, just talking as far as they think they can go. If you want information, then, you can count on them to a certain extent. As far as confidences are concerned, however, they are among the most reliable signs there are.


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