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This is what makes every zodiac sign particularly anxious.

Anxiety is one of the most difficult emotions to master and understand. It comes suddenly, taking control of everything and making every moment a little hell. During a strong moment of anxiety, the body seems to go into a state of war, making it constantly alert, increasing sweating and heartbeat. A situation in which no one likes to be and which for every person can come at any time and for the most diverse reasons. What is certain, however, is that each of us has things that are likely to cause anxiety more than others and the influence of the stars, in all this, is of some importance. Today, we will try to understand what creates moments of real anxiety in each zodiac sign and what is the advice of the stars to find a useful solution to the problem. Also in this case, being in the field of emotions, it is very important to also control your own ascendant.

Here’s what makes each zodiac sign particularly anxious

Aries – The thought of always having to be an active part in everything
Your proverbial self-esteem and the hyper activity that distinguishes you make you a person able to get involved in everything, including the affairs of others. As much as you don’t mind, sometimes when you’re particularly tired, it all makes you feel overwhelmed and creates some performance anxiety. The truth is that although you like to think otherwise, you are not in the center of the world and you can sometimes even give yourself a break without others suffering. From today, therefore, try to carve out spaces just for yourself, in which to focus on yourself and watch how others live. You will find that sometimes even being a mere spectator can be fun, while limiting unpleasant episodes of anxiety.

Taurus – Your constant need to be perfect
Your anxiety comes almost exclusively from an underlying insecurity that constantly pushes you to try to give your best so as not to disappoint others. A very uncomfortable situation that drains you energetically, leaving you without resources when anxiety begins to approach. A reason to avoid all this? Stop worrying excessively. Your work will still be valid because there is no risk that you will be able to relax to the point of not completing your many tasks. Stopping doing it to get feedback from others, however, is a good start to put aside anxiety and discover how nice it can be to indulge in moments of relaxation.

Gemini – The fear of living boring moments
Yes, your constant need to change what you do in order not to feel bored is also the main cause of your anxieties. Living in constant fear of having moments of emptiness ends up making you always in tension, making you explode with episodes of anxiety that it would really be better to avoid. From today, therefore, the advice of the stars is to try to explore boredom as well. You will find that as strange and perhaps boring as it is, this is definitely better than the anxiety you feel about escaping it. After all, it’s just a matter of trying, isn’t it?

Cancer – Your need to please everyone
Your vanity, coupled with a form of insecurity and constant need for attention, make you constantly anxious. Your biggest fear is in fact that of not being loved enough or not being liked by everyone. This, in addition to often making you grumpy, also leads you to have really unpleasant episodes of anxiety. To avoid them you will only have to meet your fears, discovering that what matters is to please the right people. A discovery that at first may surprise you or convince you a little but which over time you will discover to be a sort of liberation.

Leo – Fear of Losing Control
Your leadership attitude is also one of your weaknesses. In fact, to succeed in life, you are used to controlling every situation, even managing relationships with people in an attempt to achieve the desired results. All this control, however, risks making you lose spontaneity, increasing an anxiety that once it reaches its climax can prove to be really difficult to manage. To avoid it you will only have to experience first-hand that delegating or not constantly having control over everything is not the end of anything. Some things can be put off until the next day or left in trusted hands. It seems impossible, it is true, but it is enough to try to find out how beautiful it is to enjoy a well-deserved rest.

Virgo – Your being too pessimistic
Let’s face it, your approach to life is really negative. You tend to see the worst of things too often, pre-alarming yourself about everything and living in a constant state of anxiety and nervousness. Unfortunately, the solution is not easy at all because it involves getting involved and challenging every thought inherent in your mind. In doing so, however, you will discover how seeing the glass half full, at times, is the best solution. Moreover, day after day, it will prove to be an excellent exercise that can teach you to see things from a different perspective and much better than the current one. An attempt that you should definitely give yourself.

Libra – Your bad life and setbacks
It is true, no one likes setbacks and setbacks. You, however, tend to live really badly every little situation that does not conform to your expectations. The tension you build up in all of this often leads to real anxiety attacks that you can only relieve by changing your attitude. It is essential that you are able to make peace with the setbacks and unforeseen events that unfortunately life is subject to and that in doing so you are able to grasp new ways to embrace what you do not like. Sometimes, even in imperfections something good can be hidden and it is enough to know how to grasp it to make peace with anxieties and discontent. Seeing is believing.

Scorpio – Your need for personal space
Reserved as you are, every now and then you need to get away from everything and everyone to take some time that is just for you. Reflecting and closing yourself in your world makes you feel better and helps you tidy up your ideas. Unfortunately, the problem arises when you find yourself unable to have time for yourself. In fact, if prolonged over time, it risks causing you anxiety and making you go crazy if this happens when you are particularly under pressure. The solution? Learn to manage the problem, perhaps managing to get your own space even when in reality you are surrounded by others.

Sagittarius – Having to submit to social conventions
As a free spirit you are, the thing that generates anxiety is the feeling of being forced into patterns created by others and in which you do not believe. Having to always be smiling, worrying about the reactions of others, having to give explanations, are all things that make you uncomfortable and that sometimes create anxiety. Fortunately, your being naturally indifferent to the opinions of others helps you to face everything with a certain lightness. The best way to escape any anxiety attacks, therefore, is to train your ability to look beyond and to live your life without too many worries.

Capricorn – Thinking Too Much About How Things Can Evolve
You are probably among the most anxious signs of the zodiac. On every occasion, in fact, you can’t help but think about the possible implications, always paying more attention to the negative ones. All in such a convincing way as to be able to infect even those around you. In short, when it comes to anxiety, you are your worst enemy and the only way to defeat yourself is to stop giving rope to thoughts, starting to create different scenarios marked by positivity.

Aquarius – Your Inability to Accept
Rejections One thing you just can’t do is cash in on rejection. Whether it’s a dinner out or something more important, your first reaction, in fact, is always the anxious type. This happens because you are most likely unable to foresee alternative plans and this makes you particularly sensitive to any sudden changes. The solution? Start practicing predicting other ways to deal with things and always try to take a few minutes of introspection before getting anxious about a no. After all, sometimes the most beautiful things come from the unexpected.

Pisces – Being Around Too Many People
Being around too many people makes you extremely anxious. Partly because of your empathy that leads you to feel every slightest emotion about others and partly because of your personal need to feel protected in your personal habitat. To be able to solve the problem you have to train yourself to put an invisible wall between you and others, learning to isolate yourself even when you are in a crowd. The rest, slowly, will come by itself.

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