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Astrology Reveals Which Zodiac Sign Is The Most Betrayed By Partners

Pisces are the most prone to being cheated on by their love partners and there are various reasons astrology tells us a bit about it. But let’s go in order and try to better understand the reasons and why of this situation.

Pisces tends to idealize the relationships he lives, he is a romantic by nature and easily gives his heart to the person he believes he loves, ending up overlooking some signs that should warn him well. And that’s why he’s very likely to be cheated on, and believes that his relationship is perfect, even when it’s not.

He also has a unique passion for self-destruct, loss, and closure. He loves to live on memories and nostalgia, a series of characteristics that lead him to end relationships in a violent and stormy way. And he knows how to feel the pain on his skin as if nothing had happened.

It is also a sign that too often you let yourself be deceived by others, especially by your partner. He also tends to believe that infidelity is something natural, he tends to forgive, and he never says what he feels in order not to hurt his partner, he tends to accept a little bit of everything, even when he would do well to do the opposite.

At the same time, it is one of the signs that knows how to leave a breach in the heart of those who know it, but with the same ease, it tends to be left in a breath, for a trifle. And if you know him, or have ever dealt with him in love, you know what we’re talking about.

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