Zodiac Signs

Everyone has “two faces”. Here are yours based on your zodiac sign.

Each zodiac sign has its own strengths and weaknesses. You can not only strengthen or even have weakness, both go hand in hand. Like the ying and the yang, all zodiac signs are associated with advantages and disadvantages. Being aware of this can help you develop.



Face 1: This zodiac sign is driven by its goals in life. You only know one direction and that goes forward! They have their priorities in life and have a plan in life. They seldom sway or deviate from their path. Your presence can motivate but also intimidate. You always feel that a ram is present.

Face 2: The ram can have extreme mood swings and sometimes get upset about trivial things for hours. If something unexpected happens, they can get very angry. Sometimes it can be a struggle to get by with a ram. 


Face 1: This zodiac sign is very loyal, loyal and trusting. They are very

humble and don’t brag about their success. Most people love the bull because it is relatively easy to build and maintain a friendship with them. Anyone who calls a bull his friend can count himself lucky.

Face 2: If you decide on something, it is as good as possible to get you excited about something else. Even if everything speaks against their decision, they will stick to their opinion. This sometimes makes it difficult to work with or discuss with them. They can also be very jealous in a relationship and also restrictive for the partner. 


Face 1: You are a funny guy. There are no prejudices against others for you. You are always attracted to something new and exciting. Almost nothing that could restrict or limit your free mind.

Face 2: You are sometimes very impatient. As a result, you could make wrong decisions in the heat of a discussion. The desire to push things faster will make you make many mistakes in life. In addition, when a twin is under stress, it tends to hurt people who are important to it. 


Face 1: You are someone who can quickly sympathize with others and you are also a good listener. You notice other people’s problems and concerns. Cancer is a good friend because you always get good advice from him.

Face 2: They are very sensitive, not to say hypersensitive, and tend to have emotional outbursts. This often leads to disappointments and the cancer is often misunderstood. And then they lock themselves up in their room and wait until the world is in order again. 


Face 1: The lion can be extremely funny. Its charm can cast a spell over you within seconds. Leadership skills are as much part of the lion as the desire to be the center of attention.

Face 2: The lion thinks too much about himself and other people’s opinions about him. And their “I’m holier than you” attitude often seems very artificial and fake to the people around the lion. He also has a pronounced double standard. 


Face 1: You are a rational person. In every situation you are someone who thinks logically. Give the virgin a problem and she will find the solution that takes the least effort. Her keen mind is her strength and her “weapon” at the same time.

Face 2: But when the virgin begins to delve into a topic, it can happen that she overwhelms herself and loses herself. Thinking too much is never a good thing. The virgin’s mind is constantly working, he knows no pause. 


Face 1: You are a peacemaker. You treat almost everyone well and need stability in your life. You do not participate in any quarrels that do not concern you and do not cause any trouble anywhere.

Face 2: It takes a long time to make decisions and you always want to weigh everything that sometimes leads to others not wanting to wait for your answer. 


Face 1: Your good sense of humor makes you sympathetic to outsiders. People enjoy being around you. Scorpions are also very intelligent in most cases and love to be independent and free. The scorpion chases after his dreams as if there was no tomorrow.

Face 2: If you get in the way of the scorpion, then it won’t let you get away so easily. He has a strong sense of self-defense and doesn’t let anyone go unpunished. 


Face 1: The shooter always focuses on the positive in life. They are generally happy people and enjoy life. They are very popular and often the one with the most friends is a shooter.

Face 2: It’s hard to commit. They’re also not the best at it when they need to focus on one thing. If you see a schedule or many appointments, you lose interest in it. They are also very easy to annoy. 


Face 1: You put a lot of effort into maintaining an outward attitude. You are very disciplined. An ibex is almost impossible to dissuade from its path, because they always know where they want to go and they go ahead with full strength.

Face 2: As is so often the case, if you are successful, you bask in your success. Because of your superiority (which results from your ambition), it is often difficult to work with you in a team, given your immense stubbornness and lack of adaptability.


Face 1: You are a traveler. You are always looking for new stories and new people to connect with. You love new projects and are not afraid to explore unknowns.

Face 2: It is difficult to fall in love with you because you are mostly emotionally unreachable. You are floating in other dimensions and your thoughts are so deep that only a few can follow you there.


Face 1: You are very attentive and understanding. When you give your word to someone, you stick to it. Fish are generally known as loyal, loyal and honest people.

Face 2: You often have your introverted phases and avoid the company of other people. This can hurt people who like you because they don’t understand that you need your freedom and time for yourself. You are someone who tries to escape reality whenever he can.

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