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Did you know you were one of the bitterest signs in the zodiac? If talking to you is like biting into a lemon, then you will definitely be on the leaderboard!

How? You bitter? But who said it?
Oh, no one but stars and planets – haven’t you heard the latest news ?
Today we decided, in fact, to ask the stars and planets to help us identify which are the zodiac signs with which it is really easy to get … burned.

No, you are not the hottest in the zodiac and not even the angriest: you are simply the most “bitter” of all ! If you don’t even think of a bitter person
among your acquaintances then there is a strong possibility that you are in the rankings today. Let’s not waste time and find out who the amari of the horoscope are (and also what we mean by… bitterness!).

The bitterest signs of the zodiac: are you in today’s horoscope ranking?

Okay, okay: maybe it’s not you who is one of the bitterest signs of the zodiac but, surely, you know someone who is like that. Let’s talk about all those people who have an approach to life that is definitely… difficult to understand! For them, every idea is old and stale , every experience carries with it more risks than benefits and, generally, they are people to whom it is difficult to propose something or to see them get excited after a bad time.

Because? But simply because their ” bitterness ” prevents (both those directly concerned and the people who are close to them) from having fun !
Of course, being ” bitter ” in life can also mean having dealt with situations and problems that have made us this way.
An elderly old man who went to war and worked hard all his life only to find himself with only a handful of flies has a right to be a little bitter in life , don’t you think?

Leaving aside personal situations or bad events (which can justify our bitterness), we decided to ask the horoscope what do you think are the most bitter zodiac signs .
We don’t know what happened to you in life; we know very well, however, that it could happen to you to be bitter … by  default !

Sagittarius: fifth place

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are, incredibly, in today’s horoscope ranking. Who would have thought that? The Sagittarius , so cheerful and happy and childish among the most bitter signs of all?
Well, the answer (unfortunately for us and for all Sagittarius ) is yes: those born under this sign can be truly bitter !

Sagittarius , in fact , is a sign capable of really throwing down in the face of difficulties and of “ suffering ” them in a really heavy way.
This is a sign that always speaks “downward” about himself and his abilities. When he is in trouble, then, losing hope is really a matter of minutes . Poor Sagittarius : as soon as something goes wrong, they see everything black!

Cancer: fourth place

Incredibly, even those born under the sign of Cancer can be considered among the most bitter of the zodiac.
In fact, it is they who occupy the fourth place in our ranking and the news, frankly, amazes us a little .
Cancer , in fact, is generally a loving and delicate sign: why is it so ” bitter “?

Precisely in regard to his feelings and his emotionality , we can well say that Cancer is one of those signs that struggle a lot to put the right distances between them and others.
So sentimental and full of affection towards others (towards a few others, we should say) those born under the sign of Cancer really get down when someone treats them badly.
Cancer becomes very bitter when we talk about love or friendship : especially if they do n’t feel wanted!

Scorpio: third place

Have you ever seen a Scorpio lose faith in themselves or their work? If it has never happened to you, we tell you right away that it is a show that we do not wish you to see.
The Scorpios, in fact, are capable of becoming very bitter immediately and of making negative and catastrophic predictions at the first hitch.

If, then, things really go wrong as the Scorpio was afraid they would go then it really is the end. Scorpio is thrown down in a truly frightening
way, as you have never seen it before! Those born under this sign, in fact, begin to have a decidedly bitter outlook on life, as if nothing can ever be better again. Fortunately (and knowing them), those born under the sign of Scorpio almost always have a chance to recover: they just make a drama where it shouldn’t be!

Aquarius: second place

Are Aquarius in second place in today’s ranking of the most bitter signs of the zodiac ? But is that ever possible?
Actually the answer is yes: Aquarians can truly behave like people who have lost everything at the slightest difficulty !

Aquarians are people who put a lot of effort into it, both in life and in relationships with others . Often and willingly, in fact, many people take advantage of them or, even if they do not take advantage in the true sense of the word, they rely on them in a truly exaggerated way. What happens next? As soon as these people stop leaning on Aquarius or just show any sign of rebellion , the whole world seems to collapse for Aquarius .

Often they take minimal ” offenses ” personally or that maybe they are not even offended and tend to see everything really black .
They immediately resign themselves to irrecoverable relationships or situations and, as soon as they are convinced that something has gone wrong, there is no possibility of redemption for them. Aquarius are people who often worsen situations that are not even critical, only for their always ” bitter ” way of seeing everything and everyone when they have a bad day!

Leo: first place in the ranking of the most bitter signs of the zodiac

In the first place, however, of this very particular horoscope ranking we find all those born under the sign of Leo. Who is more “bitter” than them? Absolutely none, we can assure you! Those born under the sign of Leo , in fact, are people who have no problem dramatizing their whole life. They are, after all, the protagonists of the Universe , didn’t you know?

Leos , in fact , often have a decidedly bitter outlook on life.
They will never have the girl of their dreams or they will never know love , they will never have a dream family life and, above all, they will never get the job they wanted or they will never get paid enough . One might agree with them were it not that, very often, Leos complain of a terrible life
when, instead, they lead one… definitely fabulous!

Leo , in fact , is a sign full of resources and also very lucky : they often complain without knowing how much they are, in reality, kissed by the Blindfolded Goddess!
For this reason, then, Leos are often (deservedly or not) decidedly bitter. They behave as if the world is about to end or as if there is no other solution than to live life … crying on themselves !

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