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Find out how much sleep you need based on your zodiac sign.

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Sleeping is very important. And it is useless to deny that each of us has very different needs. In fact, some only need a few hours a night to be perky all day, and those need to sleep in the afternoon as well.

Differences can depend on many factors such as lifestyle, type of diet, quality of sleep, age, and last but not least the influence that the stars have on each of us. Today, therefore, we will see together how much we need to sleep based on the zodiac sign of belonging. Is everyone ready?

How much do you need to sleep according to the stars

Aries – Very little
Always perky and on the piece, you don’t need who knows how many hours of sleep to feel good. You are generally more than capable of going to bed late and getting up very early and all without suffering at all. Dynamic and always full of energy, you need very little to wake up rested. When you are sleepy, however, no matter what the commitments or things to do, if you feel you need to sleep you are ready to stop everything and give yourself your nap.

Taurus –
Let’s face it, sleeping is one of the pleasures of life, especially when you can not set the alarm and naturally open your eyes. Even better if a delicious breakfast or lunch with friends awaits you. In short, for you sleeping is part of the daily pampering plan that you love to dedicate to feel good about yourself Tessa. And that means that when you can, you like to rest during the day as well. What matters is to always do it without pressure or without the anxiety of having to wake up in a rush for some commitment that is impossible to postpone.

Gemini – Very little
sleep is not one of your priorities. It can therefore be said that you do not have who knows how much you need it. Of course, you like to wake up charged and full of energy. And to do that, you’re also willing to go to bed a little earlier than expected. The truth is, except when you are feeling particularly stressed, you don’t have a particular need to sleep. Indeed, it can be said that you just need to rest a few hours to be perkier than ever and ready to go into action.

Cancer – A lot
For you, sleep is as essential as breathing. You do it to recharge your batteries, to defeat boredom, and even to revive a badly started day. The bed has always been a kind of refuge where you like to hole up when you need a moment that is yours alone. It can therefore be said that you are in dire need of sleep. A need that translates into going to bed early and getting up as late as you can. And that continues with the need to take a few naps during the day. Needless to say, in fact, when you fail to satisfy this need, you end up becoming intractable.

Leo – Not much
In general, you usually sleep the right hours a night, following a more or less similar routine. But you like to always catch the best of the day. And that makes you a person who doesn’t need to get up late. Indeed, when you can, you can be quite an early riser, showing you energy from the early hours of the day and above all eager to do as many things as possible. And all because you know how to rest well and recharge your batteries.

Virgo – The right
Basically, you are a person who would always sleep but who knows how to regulate himself so that he can carry out his daily activities. Because of this, you end up with an average need for sleep. This need typically runs out with the night. Only occasionally, if you feel tired or if you think you have not slept much, do you feel the need for an afternoon nap. Something that you are always ready to indulge in (commitments permitting) and that helps you maintain that almost natural control you have over your need for sleep.

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Libra – How Much You Need
For you, sleep is something functional. It is therefore really difficult for you to choose to indulge in naps during the day. Sure, like everyone else you take your breaks, but if it comes to sleep you like to do it right and this means that you are willing to go straight into the evening and then go to sleep sooner rather than give yourself a few moments that you already know would end too soon. A choice that most of the time works thanks to your innate ability to self-regulate in everything.

Scorpio – Enough
Let’s face it, you can sleep very little when needed and carry on. However, the need for sleep is there and in the long run, it tends to be felt. To feel good, you need to sleep several hours and do it in the best possible way. Only in this way can you get up charged, proactive, and in a good mood. An aspect that changes just when you are thrilled for something and you can give yourself the charge with the only euphoria. With minor exceptions, however, sleeping makes you feel really good. And it even helps you perform better in everything you do.

Sagittarius – Very little
Sleep is often a waste of time for you. For this reason, you tend to do little. In life, you prefer to stay up late to read or watch TV. And in the morning you always have so many things to do. The energy to spend is certainly not lacking and this makes you a person who does not need to rest as much. That said, now and then you risk not listening to yourself and getting tired to the point of collapsing. The reason why importing a certain number of hours per night may prove to be a wiser choice than you imagine.

Capricorn – Insufficiency
Your way of sleeping is often fluctuating and leads you to wake up all the time. For this reason, you need several times to take naps. This makes you a person who, after all, sleeps just enough hours to feel good. Which places you on a good average but at the same time makes you rather needy to take your space. It doesn’t matter if sleep comes during the day or when you are busy. When fatigue looms, it is necessary to respond and give her at least a half-hour break.

Aquarius – Little
Sleep is not something that is badly needed. After all, when you can, you try to lead a relaxed life that leads you not to get too tired. What really matters a lot is the need to sleep well and to do it to rest as much as possible. Only in this way, in fact, can you give yourself the time you need to recover and get back in strength. This is true not only for the body but also and above all for the mind that you often urge beyond belief, tiring it more than you think.

Pisces – Lot
You like sleeping a lot because it allows you to immerse yourself in a world of dreams accessible only to you. Whether it’s night or day, then, taking a break and falling asleep is something you love to do. This way you can wake up in a good mood and perform much more than you would by staying awake. An aspect that you can manage well is being more than able to understand if and how much you need to sleep from time to time. Which makes you always ready to give your best. And to face everyday life with a smile and, above all, with the right desire to do.

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