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Are you so jealous that you risk putting your story in crisis? Here is the advice of the stars to be less so.

When you’re in love, feeling a little jealous of your partner is definitely normal. Indeed, it can be said that jealousy is one of the signs that make us understand that we love someone. However, there are several ways to be. And if moderate jealousy can be right and pleasant even in the eyes of the partner, things start to change when it becomes obsessive, causing fights or feelings of discomfort in those who experience it.

The reasons why we tend to lose the sense of proportion can be many and often investigating them thoroughly is a good starting point. In any case, given that among the reasons closely linked to a person’s experience there is also the influence of the stars, today, after having seen how to look forward with positivity, we will discover a way to be less jealous based on your zodiac sign.

How to be less jealous based on your zodiac sign

Aries – By making the imagination travel less
We assume that basically you are not an extremely jealous person. Indeed, in a relationship we can say that you are the one who arouses this feeling the most. Occasionally, however, it can happen that you end up letting yourself be caught. And when that happens, the best thing to do is to let the imagination travel less. If you avoid starting to fantasize about the subject, you will find that you don’t have who knows what paranoia about it. Which will allow you to fully enjoy your relationship.

Taurus – Working on yourself
Jealousy is part of you and sadly it’s really hard to get rid of. The truth is that to do this you should start by being less alert to your partner and giving them more scope. To achieve this, you need to work on this problem and its origins. A quick fix, though, could be achieved by making an effort to empathize with the person you love and starting to wonder if you’d be willing to stick to your own rules. This way, you will be able to understand where you go too far. And this is already a great start.

Gemini – Taking things lightly
Among the signs of the zodiac you are certainly one of the least jealous. But every now and then, especially if you have a bad moon, you can end up taking things the wrong way. When this happens, you risk being heavy and getting into a fight. To prevent this from happening you just have to commit yourself to taking things lightly, not to embroider them and not to make films that never come true. An ideal way to live in harmony with your partner and not to feel overwhelmed by emotions anymore.

Cancer – Admitting how you feel
Let’s face it, when you get jealous you are downright unbearable. This happens because of your insecurity that makes you feel angry about everything and that leads you to treat even the person you love badly. Trying to admit how you feel to both yourself and your partner can be a good point of view. Often, the reasons you feel jealous are in fact related to situations that exist only in your mind. By talking about it with your partner, however, you could be reassured and live things better and, of course, the relationship.

Leo – Making irony
Ok, sometimes you are jealous too. But the point is, you don’t like to admit it. However, learning to make irony about what you feel at the moment can be a good way to be nice in this respect too. In fact, by keeping everything inside you almost always end up exploding in outbursts that can be really unpleasant and of which you always end up regretting. Try to express everything whenever you try it. With the right irony you will both benefit.

Virgo – Rationalizing
Yes, you who are a rational person, when you are in love you can end up losing the light of reason giving ample space to jealousy. Fortunately, your way of being doesn’t completely disappear. So just take a deep breath and use your reason to understand where you are exaggerating and where not. In this way, finding a certain balance will be easier and this will help you to better enjoy your love story. And all without unnecessary outbursts of jealousy.

Libra – Thinking about
something else Your way of experiencing emotions and feelings is such that often you just need to deviate from them a little to feel good about yourself. This also applies to jealousy. Often, distracting yourself and thinking about other things can help you take the time to think calmly. Whenever you feel jealous, therefore, it is important to make an effort to think about something else. A way that once you have acquired the right technique, will be performing to the point of making you more serene.

Scorpio – Talking about it
Sometimes jealousy is an emotional state that we feel when faced with situations that make us insecure. Or to others that cannot be rationalized as one would like. Learning to talk about it with friends or anyone who wants to listen to you is the best way to lighten it up. Even better if you managed to play down the aspects that most distress you. One way to get that lightness of mind you need to think calmly. It will be the only way that you can live your love story well and all without weighing it down.

Sagittarius – Coping With It
When you feel jealous you tend to become intractable. For this reason it is necessary that you do everything to change your attitude. For example, facing what you feel is a good way to immediately feel more serene and aware of what should really make you suspicious and what shouldn’t. A way of discerning that, in many cases, can help you live life with greater serenity. Which will certainly be reflected positively in the relationship between two.

Capricorn – Ignoring Her
Luckily you are not among the most jealous people in the zodiac. And when this feeling teases you, you just need to focus on something else to silence it. Ignoring what you feel (especially when you realize it’s really nonsense) will help you regain control of your thoughts. And this will avoid unnecessary quarrels that would otherwise risk undermining your story. After all, if there is a reason to be really jealous, you will know how to act, distinguishing situations between them.

Aquarius – Laughing at it
Within the zodiac you are probably the least jealous person of all. Which is why, experiencing this feeling from time to time may only benefit you. However, if you just can’t stand it, you might learn to laugh about it. In this way, in fact, you will return to your usual mood in a short time and this will allow you to live your relationship with the usual serenity.

Pisces – Talking to your other half
Jealousy is not something you love to feel and the best way to avoid it is probably to take it head on. Your sensitivity will surely help you discern between real and hypothetical situations. And to avoid misbehaving for nonsense, the best thing you can do is to joke about it with your partner. In this way, in fact, you will be able to understand what really bothers you. And if there were errors in his attitudes, you could review them together. All in order to continue to get along with each other.

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